News - One Shot Kill" Akimbo P890 Pistols After Nerf Warzone 2

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Pistols are very powerful in Modern Warfare 2. Even after the most recent Nerf, these pistols are still a one-shot kill with the right setup. Today we will be taking a look at the best weapon attachments for the p890 pistol as well as the correct tuning that will guarantee one-shot kills from close range and make you as effective as possible.

If you're not running overkill on your loadouts, then I highly encourage you to try these pistols. There are two weapons in Modern Warfare 2 that destroy players at close range. The Fennec SMG and Akimbo pistols are now available, so you're not limited to just the P890. The X12 and the X13 auto are also great pistols, but the P890 definitely hits the hardest.

It really helps the channel grow. We've got a lot of stuff coming very soon, and I'd love for you guys to be a part of it. For the first attachment, we are using a suppressor, the Ft. This is going to give us sound suppression, which pairs very nicely with dead silence. extra bullet velocity and damage range to help us reach those targets that are, you know, 10 to 15 meters away.

akimbo pistols mw2

You get extra recoil smoothness now, but you do lose aim, down sight speed, aiming stability, and aim walking speed, but none of those things really matter when you have these akimbo for the muzzle tuning. I recommend increasing your recoil smoothness and bullet velocity all the way up. Don't worry about idle speed or stability; these do not matter with this setup.

Next, we have a trigger action attachment, the Bruin Express, which increases our overall fire rate. This is going to be very important for winning your gunfights. For the tuning of the Bruin Express, focus on recoil smoothness and sprint speed. The ads' speed and idle stability do not matter. I also recommend using a magazine attachment just to help you chain kills.

You can go with the 10-round magazine, but I personally like using the 12-round magazine. Next, we obviously want these AKM rounds, so we need to apply the AKM P890 rear grip attachment. The last attachment you need to use to make this pistol a killing machine is the pistol laser. This gives you hip recoil control, hip fire accuracy, and sprint to fire speed; just be careful because the laser is visible at the hip.

best p890 class mw2

Either way, we would love to hear what it is so we can all try it out. Also, come back to this article if you try this P890 setup. I'm curious to see if it worked out for most people. I'll talk to you guys soon; take care, Foreign

This is the BEST ONE SHOT KILL Akimbo P890 Class Setup in Modern Warfare 2.
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