News - One Burst" M16 Setup Is Godlike. Best Class Setup - Warzone 2

best m16 class

We just clutched up so much to win that game right there by two points. It's been a long time since I've used the M16. I, actually, haven't even touched this gun since finishing the camo grind, and a lot of people think this gun is really bad, and it's definitely not like a top 10 gun or anything like that, but after using it in today's gameplay.

I definitely feel like a lot of people sleep on this gun with this setup that you see on screen now. I get a lot of consistent one-burst kills if I hit my shots. It's a one-shot kill, even at long range. It's not a top-10 gun, and now I've said that already, but it's not crazy, and it's definitely good if you're trying to level up.

Get some cameras for it or anything like that, but definitely try out this setup because I think it's pretty good. We have the ZX grip as our rear grip for the stock, and we have on the demo fade Pro Stock the FSS OV laser for some extra mobility. Velocity just to help in those mid- to long-range gunfights; I feel like the bullets just connect a lot more frequently when you have the side velocity attachment, which definitely helps with those Wonder skills, and then the Aftec Castle Comp just for some extra recoil, control, and stability.

best m16 class mw2

control I did tune some of these attachments, so let's go ahead and quickly take a look at that. We're going to start off with the rear grip on the bottom slider, and you want to move that CD left towards the fire speed at a negative 0.28, and our left side is going to go down to and down side speed at a negative 0.45; our stock attachment is going to be tuned for the bottom stutter to go to the left towards aim walking speed at a negative 0.54, and our left slider goes up a little bit towards aim locking settings at 1.42, and coming over to High Velocity.

I should probably get a quad-tweet here. You're looking the wrong way; we're all looking the wrong way. Very nice I kind of want to jump down there, but I don't really feel like it's worth it. They're not really having much success killing me up here, so there's no reason to drop down; if I were getting shot at a lot, I would drop.

best m16 class setup mw2

I'll stay right here for now, though; I almost choked up. Let's get this advanced call in. I didn't see him, but I saw the blue dot above his head, so it looked like he was my teammate, and I thought the guy was contesting like right here, laying down, and I just reacted a little bit too slowly

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