News - No Recoil" Lachmann Sub Build Is Wrecking Warzone 2. Best Lachmann Sub Class Setup & Tunings

best lachmann sub class

No, I downed that guy. The Lochman sub is tied with the Mini back for best mobility in the SMG category of Modern Warfare 2. By the time we are all said and done with this lockman sub, it is going to be pretty stacked in accuracy, recoil control, and its handling statistics. We will talk about the attachments we need as always, but before we do that, I upload class setups and other Call of Duty articles to this channel daily.

As always, let's start with our secondary. We have the 50GS; we're still trying to grind out akimbo kills for camo, so we have the akimbo rear grip, the 1MW pistol laser, the SA long shot 50 Barrel, the SA hair triggers, and the 13-round mag speed running the rest of the class attack as a stun lethal, a syntax perks package, and one double-tap.

It's time to battle heart and fast hands. Quick Fix field upgrades are dead silence in Munitions; box now on to the Lochman sub. Like I said, we buffed this thing's accuracy, but it recoils on handling the most, so to start off, we have the attachment that buffs accuracy and handling, which is the vlk lzr7mw.

Laser The best way to build your SMGs in Modern Warfare 2 is like an actual SMG. You don't want to try to make them take damage by trying to go toe-to-toe with the ARs in this game because you're going to lose that fight. Just play smart and close the gap with gunfights. Hit your shots, hit those multipliers, and you'll do fine with most SMGs.

best lachmann sub class setup mw2

In this game, we have the Lockman TCG 10-rear grip on it. This is just straight recoil control to balance off all the other attachments we have on this thing, or the rear rip tunings. It is tuned for aimed on site speed and sprint to fire speed. Sprint to fire is supposed to be negative 0.15; aim, down sight is supposed to be negative 0.5.

The stock we have on the Ft. Mobile stock is aiming for stability. Crouch movement speed, aimed on sight speed, with a hit to our aim, walking speed, sprint speed, and recoil control some. Other options and some other thoughts on other stocks you can use if you need the extra recoil and control should be considered.

Using the mirror recoil 56, factory stock, really the only thing you're getting here is that recoil control back, because even though this says plus the sprint speed, it still is kind of a negative to the overall mobility, and if you just want to go balls to the wall sprint around the map with hair on fire style gameplay, use the LM stockless mod.

best lachmann sub loadout mw2

This is completely boosting your mobility and handling, but you're losing accuracy and recoil. For a good hybrid build, I would recommend the Mobile stock. For the good hybrid build of the Lochman sub, the stock is two and a half frames down and aiming for idle stability. Aiming for idle stability is supposed to be a positive 1.1, and down sight is supposed to be a negative 2 for the barrel we have on the Lochman Pulsar.

Barrel speed is aimed at sight speed, hip recoil, control speed, and movement speed. This is one of those times when we're losing damage range in bullet velocity, but I can honestly tell you it is not that big of a deal, and then comparing it to the other barrels real quick, the L38. Falcon Barrel.

best mw2 lachmann sub class

I don't see a reason to ever use this barrel. Plus, the damage range and bullet velocity might look good on paper, but you're realistically not changing the time to kill in gunfights; that would matter. You're not going to be watching gunfights from a distance with this thing, where it would actually impact the gunfight.

You're going to want the Lochman Pulsar barrel for this particular build because of its tuning, its recoil steadiness, and its damage range (which is plus 0.15). The recoil steadiness is plus 0.25. And then finally, for the muzzle device I have on the lock shot KT, the 85 muzzle device, this looks goofy as hell.

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I don't know what's going on here with the laser sight in the muzzle, but that looks goofy. This is just straight-up, horizontal, and vertical recoil control. I think statistically speaking, for what it is, it's the best one out of this little subcategory of muzzle devices, and then for the tunings, it's aimed at sight speed and gun kick control; the gun kick control is supposed to be positive 0.15.


The aimed on sight speed is supposed to be negative 0.25, and per usual, here are all five attachments that I have on this particular build of the lockman sub. I really can't recommend changing any of these; we talked about the different stocks and what benefits other ones have compared to the one that I picked, but for the hybrid build that I went for, this is the best one.

As always, if you try out this class setup, come back to the comments section and let us know if it was good, bad, or if you enjoyed using it. I try to post as much as I can to this channel, so the easiest way to support the channel is to leave a like. I'll talk to you guys in tomorrow's article. Boys and girls, let's.

I'll see how this goes, and it's not going to go well. I can already tell that I'll be returning to normal batchmaking. I'm getting these cut-off kills; I'm winning this; never mind, I'm going to get fried, Fades. You have been getting gunned over the entire map, my man.

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