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Lachmann sub class setup

Lachmann sub class setup

Let's get into these attachments, Foreign, so we're going to start back here with a stock where I have the Fort Mobile stock. This is going to give you a bunch of mobility, being aimed at outside speeding and crouch movement speed, along with stability, which is just an added bonus to the attachment.

You do need some mobility-type attachments when running an SMG. I'm not a fan of the LM stockless mod unless I'm running that damage range. Barrel, but that damage range barrel with the Nerf combined is kind of slow and not worth it in my opinion, so the tuning of this is negative 4.0 to a dream down sign, which means negative 1.63 towards our walking speed down here for a magazine.

best lachmann sub build

I have the 40-round mag; this is my preference. I feel like the 30 in it is just not enough, and the 40 helps me pick up a bunch more kills, especially if there are a bunch of them in front of me. I don't like the 50. I feel like it sacrifices far too much on the handling and mobility side of things, but the 30, like I said, is just not enough.

It's a preference, and you don't have to run that attachment for the underbelly. The FSS Sharkfin 94 has aimed idle stability, which doesn't do all that much for an SMG, but the tuning does plus 0.26 toward our recoil stabilization, which is negative 0.282; these are the words for aiming walking speed for the muzzle.

We have the AVR T90 comp for horizontal and vertical recoil control. The tuning is -0.8 for our aim-down sight speed and +0.24 for our gun kit control. Our last attention is the l38 Falcon. Barrel giving you movement speed named down sight speed to best handle, the aggression, of this weapon and also gain some Mobility back from the Nerf tuning is going to be plus 0.19, towards our recoil steadiness and negative 0.30 towards our aim down sight speed so I would recommend this build to my aggressive, fans of the channel which I know there's a lot of you if you're an aggressive player this build is going to be perfect for you but if you're slower paced maybe check out my previous lochman.

I hope you guys enjoy.

Lachmann sub gameplay

Lachmann sub gameplay

All right, let's use the lockman sub. For some reason they nerfed this thing, but it's nothing like super duper crazy, and I don't even really notice all that much to be honest with you. Okay, we found the guy, and we're going to go kill him. I'm just missing shots. Give me some slack. Cut me some slack.

I'm not normally that bad. You guys know that I don't normally miss shots like that. I can't challenge that gun fight. I do kind of know these simple mobility things that are missing, because one of the things that digging nerfed was some mobility. I believe it's like mutant aim moving speed or something like

Best Lachmann Sub Class Setup Modern Warfare 2 Best Lachmann Sub Class Modern Warfare 2. this SECRET LACHMANN SUB Build is INSANE in MW2! Best Lachmann Sub Class Setup. Timecodes.
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