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Fast chainsaw mgb nuke streak mw2

I got an MGB, so let's Get right into it, Damn, I should have thrown that stun a little bit earlier. I don't know if they're all going to spawn literally around the corner like that, and that's why I don't like TDM because the revenge spawns are incredibly strong, like people literally kill people, and they will quite literally spawn them around the corner on you.

Jesus Christ got another UAV. GDMS is one of those modes that, man, you really have to be committed to placing that fast because I don't like it one bit, but I am actually playing shoot the ship, so I figured shoot the shipper pod would be a fun mode to go ahead and run the chainsaw with the get the hell off that head glitch.

Backing up, sometimes I forget that I actually do have a Kimbo secondary, like I can still literally challenge people. I need to start running these more often, so I kind of get back into that, you know, mindset that, hey. I actually have a secondary here that I can challenge people with, and that's actually pretty damn effective.

I have to play that in some way because they're leaving too; yeah, they know they got nuked by this TDM trash ass, TDM2. God, if I don't like TDM the way it plays, you've got to play TDM soap. All right, I'm calling the nuke, authorized, send it, yeah, the way you've got to play this, But the chains are on, and I'm getting taken out, but, hey , it's new.

Best rapp h class setup mw2

Best rapp h class setup mw2

All right, let's go ahead and create the chainsaw. We're actually going to skip over these attachments because they are not going to help with the chainsaw conversion when building the wrap.

Hlmg, now we are going to rock a stock, and it's going to be the Ft. Mobile stock to bump up that Sprint speed. Crouch movement speed as well as aim down sight speed overall, bumping up that close range handling giving us more of an. SMG. Run and Gun LMG, feel here now for the tuna, we are going to increase the aim out of stability to plus 1.47, and we're also going to bump up that aim down sight speed to negative 1.55, in order to go ahead and increase that close-range handling and also give us a little bit more medium and even long-range capabilities with that aiming idle stability because we are going to be rocking a cantic laser.

best class mw2

With this setup, obviously, for the optic, this is going to be restricted, because once we go over to the laser, we are rocking a canted laser, which is going to give us an aiming kind of feel to this weapon, as well as aiming stability, downside speed, and sprint to fire speed. This is a must-have; otherwise, it's not going to be the chainsaw conversion when using the wrap H.

Unfortunately, we cannot tune this attachment now for the barrel; we are going to rock the lockman. Light machine gun setup, now for the tuna, we are going to bump up that aim down sight speed to negative 0.25, and we're also going to bump up that recoil steadiness to plus 0.26, again giving us more of a chance at taking people out at those medium and even longer ranges with this setup, but again, still having a fast AD, we can destroy people at close ranges.

best class setup

Now we're not running a muzzle at all; these are not going to help us out; I wish we could, but the last thing we want to do is slow down this class setup, and it is going to be a run and gun aggressive style build anyway, so we have to go ahead and put on this b052. This grip is mandatory. This weapon is going to feel awful without this attachment.

This is going to do a lot of great things when trying to control the chainsaw feel of the rapier. This is going to increase idle stability. Aim for blocking steadiness. Rico steadiness, as well as recoil stabilization; definitely go ahead and run this on the wrap H when running the cantic optic; otherwise, you're going to have a horrible time.

Now for the tuning, we are going to bump up the aim island stability at plus Point 15 and that recoil stabilization at plus 0.46, is going to give us the ability to actually people out at those medium and long ranges so we're not locked into just close range of gates because obviously, not all engagements are going to be close range unfortunately, and then finally, we are going to go ahead and run the 100-round magazine, just to give us more ammo because we are going to be hip firing, and if I'm with that canton, we need as much as possible.

best class setup mw2

You're actually pretty surprised, because even though this is going to be technically a hit by a class, it's not. Still really easy to use, and it seems like it's usable even at those medium ranges. Man, the setup is going to be the Kimbo x13s. I obviously have a Kimbo on here; I have on the 33-round magazine, and I'm running the Fort Steel Fire.

I have the Sidewinder six-slide barrel, and that one-milliwatt pistol laser tuning is going to be irrelevant on this sidearm now that we also have the stun grenade proximity mine and obviously the custom perks package, but double-time scavenger resupply. It's different, but again, it's still viable if you guys tear it up.

Modern Warfare 2 - MW2 Best Class Setup Best Class Setup MW2! This Best Class MW2 using the RAPP H has NO RECOIL and INSANE DAMAGE in Modern Warfare 2! Hope you enjoy the video and make sure to have a wonderful rest of your day.
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