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Best guns in mw2

Best guns in mw2

Today we are going to be going over the best weapons in Modern Warfare 2. For example, the MP7 isn't the best SMG; the Vasnam is the best SMG, but you can still very much pop off with the MP7.

Vel 46 (mp7)

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This weapon has so much mobility, allowing you to easily fly around the map, and since I'm such an aggressive player, this is honestly one of my favorite weapons. Being said, we got the Tango Barrel to increase the overall damage output, and for the tuning, just increase that damage range and aim walking speed.

best class mw2

For the underbell, we are running the Bruins sync shot grip, which is going to remove all the idle sway on the weapon, giving you more predictable recoil. Basically, making the weapon easier to use, and then we are going to be running the 30-round mag all through sometimes, like especially if I'm playing on shipping my hair split no way usually.

I will run the 50-round mag on shipment just because I believe this actually doesn't hurt mobility at all. You're not going to notice that, and so it's going to feel the same if you don't have a magazine or if you throw on the 50-round mag, making the 50-round mag a great option. I'm going to lose it with this hair; I hate when it splits, but the 30-round mag adds so much mobility, allowing you to really run around the map, and so that's why I usually will run the 30-round mag for real.

We got the Skyliger soldier grip for more mobility. Tune in for more mobility, and lastly, for the stock, we are running the assault 60 stock because there Is a decent amount of recoil on the weapon, and so now it's going to be a lot easier to control. So, again, this is the setup that more people probably use, like me and other very good players who shoot.

best class season 3 mw2

Did I lose the class? No way, okay, so Shotsi's class is basically the same thing where you take off the barrel, you want to add the demo stock to win this for more mobility, and then keep the third round man, keep the skulliger soldier grip for the underbro, because there's going to be absolutely zero recoil control in the weapon.

Just run the Edge 47, which recently got a buff, so now it's not going to hurt your mobility as much, and then tune it for the horizontal recoil. Control, which is the recoil stabilization, and then the aiming idle stability, and so again, this is my, and since there are only four attachments, this is actually what I run in rank play if I don't want to run the Vasnath, but if I'm using this in public matches.

I'll use the same thing, but I'll go over to the ammo, and then I'll throw in the overpressured, which gives the enemy so much flinch, and then you can tune it for more range, and so now you have about four percent more damage range, and then you can tune it for more recoil. control because you're not going to notice this loss to your ball velocity whatsoever, and so now the weapon is going to be even easier to use.

With all that said, that is going to wrap it up for the MP7.

M4 (best ar)

M4 (best ar)

The next weapon I want to go over is going to be the M4 , which I believe is the best gun in the game right now. The ISO was the best, but then it just got a Nerf, and I find myself doing way better with the M4. This thing is such a phenomenal weapon. I absolutely love it. I will be giving you guys two.

Or three different subs for the weapon. This first one is going to have a lot of range and a lot of recoil and control, which is why we are running the high tower or barrel. I don't know why it said that. Okay, so you do not want to tune the barrel for the underbell; we are running the shark fin just to make the weapon have a little bit less sway, and we can tune it for more recoil and control.

best class setup mw2

For the ammo, you can swap it out for a muzzle if you want a magazine, an optic, or a laser from me; usually I'm going to be running the overpressed. rounds, and again we will tune in for more damage range and for the rear grip to increase the mobility because a lot of the attachments that we are running are bringing down the mobility.

We will run the x10 grip and tune that for more mobility, and then lastly, for the stock, the stock is going to be like putting your guy on ice skates. So much strafe speed and fluid fluidity—is that even a word? It makes the weapon feel a lot better, and then you just want to tune in for the ad speed and the aiming auto stability, and so that is going to wrap it up for, like, the range, no recoil.

M4 setup the other one I want to go over is actually going to be my favorite setup for the weapon right now, although I use this weapon so much that I do change the Class 8 a lot, but right now I'm really, really liking this build. This thing is going to act like an SMG, but you're still going to have so much recoil and control, so it's super fun to use.

The front side, if you guys look at it, doesn't really move that much, so just try to get used to that, and then you don't really need an optic in you. Without the optics, you'll have more AD. Commando under barrel if you want more mobility feel, you can run the shark fin, but I feel the Commando just adds a lot of recoil control without really hurting mobility at all, and the muzzle I went with for this one is going to be the sock and tread 40 because it does specialize in vertical recoil, and this weapon does have a lot of vertical recoil.

I will take off the laser to add a magazine. It's pretty fun to view on shipments, just because you can run around so quickly for the muzzle. I just found the FJX to be the best overall. It really doesn't matter; they're all basically the same thing. And then for the regroup, we are running the Saucon because there is a little bit of recall on this build because we are running the buffer to that stock and then just tuning for recoil control and Sprint to fiery speed, and I think that's going to wrap it up for the M4.

Bas - p (just got buffed)

Bas - p (just got buffed)

So now let's get into the MP Factor before the MP5. Let's do the bass P. This bass P just got a buff, and so now I believe it has more damage range, and this thing is super good. I really, really like this weapon. The Vasden is still, I think, a lot better, but this thing does compete with the meta, and you can really pop off with this build.

This thing is so freaking fun to use, although I do think they should buff it one more time so that it has 40 rounds without hurting the ability at all. Then, it gives the option to run a 30-round magazine with the pros at the 20-round run. I could actually see it being a meta weapon in rank play and public matches.

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