News - New" Pack-a-punch 4 Wonder Weapons Glitch Is Back Warzone 2 Zombies (season 3)

mw3 zombies

So first, you do need a secondary weapon and a legendary tool. For all this, you need to find a weapon rate contract, go there, and you also need more off. So first, what you have to do is throw a Molly down on the ground, and when your health is at 30, that's when you interact with the safe. Once you are done with that process, you interact with the safe when your health is at 30, and once you get rewi, you'll see that you will have a third weapon.

Slot, so now this way you can enable mule kick on yourself, like you can use three weapons, one weapon and two Wonder Weapons, and make sure you have that scorcher or any wonder weapon that you're using in your primary slot and a legendary gun in your secondary slot. That's what you need: a legendary tool.

You need to use that on your secondary gun, because that's what you need. That is the most important thing, so now, after you're done with all this, you need a juggernaut, so you will have to go to Tier 3 and buy a juggernaut suit from there. So make sure you use the wonder weapon that you want to Pack-a-Punch for you: take that wonder weapon in your third slot, throw the Juggernaut suit, and wait for it to come down.

mw3 zombies glitches after patch

Once it comes down, you just have to use the Juggernaut suit and wait till it gets over on its own. As you can see, I used the Juggernaut suit, and now I'm just waiting for it to end. Now, it's not even legendary; it's orange, so that means that wonder weapon's got that legendary tool from your secondary weapon onto the we1 So now you can just use our p 3 Crystal on the Vr11, and boom there you go, it's a Packa punch for V are 11 now you can just go into your three and slay everything, red warm is easy kill with this weapon, so now I'll just show you all the kills.

Bounty kills Mega Bomb kills everything with this VR11, so the first thing you need is a secondary weapon with a legendary tool on it. Go to weapon B.

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