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best mtz-556 build

I dropped 38 kills on Von Del Park using this zero-recoil MTZ 556 loadout, so I'm going to break down every single attachment that I was running on my MTZ 556 to turn this gun into an absolute laser. So jumping straight into the first attachment for the Meta mdz 556 loadout, we do want to start with a barrel, and there are two different options depending on what you're looking for, with the first one being the Drifter heavy long barrel, and this one is going to increase our damage range accuracy and recoil control by 28%.

About the effective and minimum damage range of 15% of the bullet velocity, along with about a 4% decrease to every single recoil control stat, which is going to make this gun do insane damage even at these super long distances, and then For the second option, if you would like even better recoil control, you can also use the mpz Rowan Barrel, which instead of increasing our damage range is going to give us a 9% decrease to the recoil gun kick along with 14% to put the horizontal and vertical recoil, and it's going to make this build even easier to use now.

For the second attachment, we definitely want to throw an optic onto the build, and we're going to run the best long-range optic in all of War Zone 3, which is the Eagle Eye 2.5. This thing is super clean, very easy to use, and it gives our gun almost zero added visual recoil, making this build an absolute laser at super long distances.

best mtz-556 class setup

Now we definitely want to throw a magazine onto the build, so we're going to run the 50-round drum mag, an absolute must, especially if you play the bigger modes like trios or quads. Back into the build for the next two attachments. We want something to lower our recoil, so with that being said, we're going to throw on the best recoil control under Barrel in all of War Zone 3, which is the Brewi and heavy support grip.

This is going to give us an 11% decrease to The recoil gun kicks 12% to the horizontal recoil, making any gun that you put this on much easier to use and final attach, and the one we do want to throw a muzzle on and the one we are going to be rocking is the zon 35 compensative flashhider, which is in my opinion the new best muzzle in the entire game.

It gives us a 5% decrease to the horizontal recoil along with 15% to the vertical recoil while only increasing our aim-down sight speed by 4%, giving this gun almost zero recoil while still keeping it very quick. Here's the full meta for the MTZ 556. Build for War Zone 3 season 2; this build has literally almost zero recoil, and using it.

best mtz-556 class setup mw3

I dropped a crazy 38 kill game on Von Del Park, so without further ado, let's get into

BROKEN MTZ-556 Loadout in MODERN WARFARE 3 new MTZ-556 Class Setup in MW3.
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