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Heavy fog Incoming visibility will be restricted, and enemies will be destroyed. Use your TM to hunt down the rest of them. Some of you are outside the safe zone; kill confirmed; we located the rest of them; we're out of time up Link's down contracts, Inbound. All right, guys, so this is the absolute best-class setup for the WASP swarm.

We're starting out with something different, and that's the L forr flash hider, and this is for muzzle flash concealment. Rec Co-control and gun kick control at the cost of some aim-down sight speed, which you will not notice; trust me, this is something you really want to have on there. Some people choose to have a suppressor, and if you want to have a suppressor, I would recommend the monolithic suppressor because it has basically the same pros.

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The only downside is that you do get a reduction in aim downside speed and aim walking speed when you put on the WASP Reckless. 90-long barrel for bullet velocity and range aiming out of wayway gun kick control and recoil control at the cost of aim downside speed hit fire in attack stance spread, aim walking speed and sprint to fire speed put on the Brun, heavy support grip for gun kick control, aiming idle sway, horizontal recoil, and firing aim stability at the cost of aim down sight speed and vertical recoil, but don't worry about that; you're not even going to notice next.

Next, we're putting on a 100-round drum. Some people are still scared to switch from the 50-round mag, but here's the thing: look at the cons for the 50-round mag and then look at the cons for the 100-round drum. If you notice something, the only difference is that you do get slightly slower reload quickness, but you still get the same amount of movement reduction, aim-down sight speed reduction, and sprint-to-fire speed reduction.

You might as well have 50 more bullets for just slightly less reload quickness because it's not even that different. The last thing we changed is the FSS, Rampage 7 Tactical, for aim-down sight speed, aiming out of sway, and firing aim stability at the cost of aim walking speed and movement speed.

best smg mw3

This weapon is so easy to use that, in my opinion, it's probably one of the overall best weapons to actually use in War Zone 3. It just kills the enemies incredibly quickly, and the beautiful thing about the flash hider is that it hides the flash, so you'll be able to see the target without all this flash popping up on your screen.

This is the class setup right here, so make sure you guys copy it

Best WSP SWARM Loadout in Warzone 3 Best WSP SWARM Class Setup MW3 Warzone 3 Meta Class Setup Loadout. new META WSP SWARM Loadout in WARZONE 3! Best WSP SWARM Class Setup - MW3.
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