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best fjx horus

With the brand new FJX Horus coming out, this SMG is the absolute meta for War Zone 3, and I have to give you guys the best class setup right now, but if you guys can do me a giant favor and stream on Kick every single day. I would greatly appreciate it if you subscribed there anyway. Starting out, we put on the sin9, a long barrel for bullet velocity, range aiming out, and firing aim stability.

You do lose some hip-fire attack, stand-spread aim walking speed, and sprint to fire speed, but with this weapon right here, trust me when I say you will not notice it at all. This thing is insane. Next, to increase the bullet velocity even more with the Sonic suppressors for being undetectable, by the radar bullet velocity and damage range, you do lose some aim walking steadiness.

Sprint to fire speed and recoil control, but we are going to take care of that. Put on the Broom pivot vertical grip for gun kick control; vertical recoil aiming out of wayway firing aim stability; you do lose some horizontal recoil aim down sight speed and sprint of fire speed, but I found this was the best possible choice.

best fjx horus build

Overall, a 48-round mag is just a given. You can't use anything else other than this; this is the best possible choice, so make sure you guys have this equipped, and finally. I put on a Loer lxd stock for aiming out way recoil control gun Ki control and firing aim stability at the cost of aim downside speed, aim walking speed, and movement speed.

This thing is absolutely ideal for close range, like where you should be using it. I wish there was a Target that was even closer than this 10-meter one, because you guys would really see. The damage it does at close range is so insane, and that's why I recommend having your sights set, like if you have your fights.

Beyond close range, it's kind of iffy, and you'll see in the gameplay what I mean. I definitely do switch to the Ram 7 at super long range because this is not what the long range is. You definitely need to keep this within close range, and you'll do a great job, but here's the entire class setup.

Enjoy this entire game. I dropped 30 kills, and this game play is

Best fjx horus Class Setup Warzone 3 Best fjx horus Loadout MW3 Warzone 3 Meta SMG Loadout - Modern Warfare 3.
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