News - New" 1 Meta Smg On Rebirth Island. Warzone 3



Today we dropped 45 kills with the number one SMG in War Zone. This game was absolutely insane and one of the best game plays you're going to see on Rebirth Island.

45 kill gameplay

man, Jesus Christ, man. Let's [__]] , Go.

Striker 9 class setup

Striker 9 class setup

So right here, we do have the SMG that I used in the gameplay. This is striker 9. This is definitely my favorite SMG in the game, along with the HRM. I really like both of them. I used to not like this gun very much, but I really do now. Let's go ahead and start putting these attachments on it for the barrel.

We're going to go ahead and throw on the striker's long barrel. This is definitely the best. Barrel: Some people like the Recon long barrel, but I'm not a big fan of it. I really like the Striker Elite long barrel, which gives you bullet velocity, idle sway, recoil control, and damage range. This is definitely the best.

Barrel, you can put on this gun for the muzzle. We're going to go ahead and throw on the Zimon 35 compensated flash hider. This is definitely the best muzzle for every SMG and pretty much any AR that you want to put it on as well. It really helps with your vertical recoil and horizontal recoil and then firing aim stability.

best 3 loadout

Basically, in shorter terms, this just makes your gun not move. For the end barrel, we're going to go ahead and throw on the DR6 hand stop. This is for movement speed, sprint to fire speed, aim walking speed, and ad speed. This is definitely a must-have on this gun. This speeds up the gun a lot, and you'll end up loving it.

For the magazine, we're going to go ahead and throw on the 50-round drum. There's no surprise here: the more bullets, the better, especially when we're playing quads. And for the fifth and final attachment, we're going to go ahead and throw on the Lockman MK2 light stock. For the stock, we're going to throw on the Lockman MK2 light stock.

This is for your sprint speed, sprint-to-fire speed, movement speed, hip fire, and Tack St. Stance spread i don't usually take a stance at all, but this does help with the hip fire, so that is a plus, plus all of the movement speeds and stuff you're going to be moving with this gun. This class setup is absolutely insane.

best loadout for 3

If you guys have not tried it yet, make sure you do. Do try it anyway; that does it for the class setup. I hope you guys enjoyed the gameplay.Peace out.

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