News - New" Easy Dmz & Warzone Glitch Spots. After Patch" Warzone 2 Glitches

call of duty modern warfare 2 glitches

I'll be showing you a few new glitches that you can do in Warzone and DMC. Let's get started. This glitchbot is very easy to get into, and it's located right here on the map. Once you get to the quarry, look around for a truck like this and then move around to the back of it or to the front of it, then just go prone and crawl inside.

This is the perfect spot to hide if you're in the last circle since the other players won't know where you are, and you can also use this glitch as an AFK method if you are needing to rack up the battle pass or your own rank XP. With the driver's side against the wall, start to reverse, then quickly get out and go prone or push forward, and you should breach the wall.

Quickly pull your parachute and head towards the water. Once you hit the water, start swimming slowly up, and if you stay along the very edge of the water, you should be able to get up to the glitch spot. This can be a bit tricky to do, so make sure you swim slowly along the edge of the water until you reach the same location that I do.

I showed a different method of getting into this same glitch spot in another article, but I find this to be an easier way to get in here.

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