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In this one, I'll be showing you M4 weapons testing for Crown. We'll need to kill 10 enemies from a range of over 100 meters with M4 platform weapons.

Kill 1 operator with the m4 platform

There are quite a few of these, and I killed one using the M4 platform. Now, I've already done the latter half of this simply by playing another game and getting a kill there with an M4 weapon, but In this one, I'll be showing you how to do things over 100 meters.

Tips to find 100m

Now, 100 meters is quite a distance, so I'd recommend you take a hybrid scope if you like playing both far and close range. The scope does absolutely nothing for this, but you get the point: this is pretty much what we need.

Kill 10 enemies 100m+ with m4 platform weapons

You can even take a bipod to help you get further shots, so If I take a pod shot here and get a kill, that's 120 meters and 110 feet.

call of duty dmz

Obviously, tap fire will be your friend. You can see roughly how far we are here; I'm shooting from here all the way across to roughly here, which is about 100 meters anyway. This is the distance plus or minus that you'll need to shoot now, and I'd recommend doing this on the almaster map just as there are many less armored enemies here; these alcatana soldiers you'll often find without helmets, so you can even one-tap headshot them.

Obviously, you'll also want to put anything that helps accuracy on your gun, like a front grip or maybe a bipod. That helps as well as long distance, which is something that you'll be slowly tapping and firing when you're doing it. If you get high ground, that'll help as well. High ground not only takes you a bit further away from the enemy, but it also allows you to see them a bit further away, clearly, so when they run and hide, at least you can see them; they really can't see you.

dmz guide

Now, this isn't exactly ideal with an M4 platform weapon, but at least it does work. It's not too painful to do; it's just a bit of a chore if you're not usually taking pot shots from way far away, right? Well, I think I've cleared out most of the enemies here that I can see from a distance. I suppose I'll head towards the airport and get some more there; in fact, there may even be some in this town here, though I think it might be a bit too close for comfort and the mission now.

I'm pretty sure if you use a range finder or range spotter, whatever that item is called, as your tactical, you could probably narrow this down even more accurately and know that you're getting enemies at 100 meters practically always, though that may be a bit overkill. It's good enough to eyeball it, and 10 isn't too many, but finding them can be an issue, so traveling across the map is definitely something you'll need to do.

All right, there we go: new game, new gun. This one has a 5x scope in it, so it's at least doing a little bit more than before NADA. Just find some enemies to use it on; these ones have helmets, so it's not necessarily the best to do it here, but we can try; I'll try posting up here, and that should be far enough away, maybe.

dmz how to get m4 platform

100 meters, let's see; in fact, I could just look at these in the distance; let's see these 100 meters, 60 meters, 70 meters, and 80 meters already. They're difficult to see here with 100 meters in front of this, so I assume most of these would be far behind. Can we post up here? No, we can't. Well, I'll go into single combat and see what we can do.

There are at least two, and this one is far too close. 97 meters is just too close to count if you ping enemies as well, but at least it'll also show you the distance, and from a distance. I think the ones by the hangar have actually despawned; I've gone so far away from them that some new enemies have come in; that's good, not good that they're running towards me though.

dmz m4 platform

Try and get up here, so, really, while it sounds like an easy mission, it's not too easy in that you need to find yourself far away from enemies, which isn't always the case in the museum or the airport. However, this does seem like a good place to start, at least maybe in this direction, which is about 100 meters from me.

50, 80 meters Even 90 is difficult. I was expecting it to be annoying, but no, we knew this was annoying, so behind it, this is 110, perfect one, two, now we need two more to finish this, maybe we can try out for this side of the roof; I think those are enemies there; maybe that'll help us; nope. There are no enemies over there; there's literally nothing in any direction here; there's one there; this is that chance, maybe 80 meters away.

I would really appreciate it if they stopped chasing me. It really just despawned; as I was shooting at it, he was back, but I was 95. My track truck, this is good; this is good. This is not good. They're coming in my direction. Yes, that has been done for weapons testing. You'll still be shooting at them, and Love Poof will not exist anymore.


This video shows you how to complete the M4 Weapons Testing mission Season 2! By the end, you'll know how to quickly Kill 1 operator with the M4 platform and Kill 10 enemies 100m with M4 platform weapons. On top of this, I'll give you tips on properly ranging 100m in DMZ.
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