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today might be April 1st, which is April Fool's Day, but this article is no joke. We have some brand new DMZ glitches for you, and you can check out the founders of these in the description. A big shout out to those who told me about these. The first glitch was going to be a weapon dup glitch, but I couldn't get it to work, so it might have already been patched or I just did it wrong.

There are several glitches still working in DMZ, and you can check out the DMZ glitch article in the description, which shows all the glitches that still work after the latest patch, like this underwater God Mode. Glitch. A new glitch spot can be found right here inside this machine, and it's located right here on the map.

You can use this to hide from other players and bots, but just watch out for grenades the bots might throw; normally, the bots will just ignore you, making them very easy. The no Xville glitch still works, and in case you didn't know, if you have a teammate and you are the host, then player two can close the game.

When it says Koshi Complex in the top left corner of the screen, you'll be kicked back to the main menu and keep your items without needing to close the game. This will allow you to bring items out of the game that you're not supposed to have, like gas cans and gold bars, and it's a quick way to exit the game safely.


All the bypass door glitches are still working from my last article, so be sure to check that out in the description. These glitches will allow you to enter lock space P without needing the key, and we can now add a new method to the You can now glitch inside the sniper room by using a motorcycle. This means you can instantly gain access to nice loot and a free stealth vest, which can come in very handy inside the DMZ.

Drive the bike the exact same route that I do, and watch out for the swarm of bots that hang around this area. It's best to leave the bike in a safe spot while you clear out the nearby bots in case they destroy it. Door: this part could take a while to get right, but you need to park it slightly angled the same way I have it and then get off the bike, and if the bike is in the right spot, you will pop through the locked door.

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You can then unlock the door for your teammates and start looting the room. The loot in here is always random, but you will always find the vest and pretty decent loot, including some weapons. It can take a bit of practice to find the right spot, but it gets easier the more you do it. You can also use this glitch to get into other locked doors, but I couldn't get it to work for me.

Spaces, if you play on AIK Island, then you have probably been killed by players using the under-map glitch, so I'll show you how they do it. I don't personally use glitches like this to kill other players, especially in DMZ since I'm not a fan of DMZ PVP, but other players do, so maybe avoid Chik Island if you can.

At this zip line, you just need to descend, turn slightly left, and spam the Crouch button, and if you were facing the right direction, you'd be glitched under the map. You can then aim for the water and swim upwards to get into the glitch. If you fall too far down, you will be instantly eliminated and lose all your gear.

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Once you get into the glitch, you just need to stay along the edge of the water to stay alive, and you can get out of the glitch by finding a nearby vehicle or if there are spots on the ground that you can glitch up through, which I show at the end of the article. Players can kill bots from inside here without taking any damage, so it does have a few advantages, but otherwise, I would avoid Asika if you don't want the risk of being pked by glitchers.

This exact same glitch also works on the Modern Warfare 3 version of Asika Island.

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