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cod glitch

I'll be showing you two wall breaches that are working right now in the warzone and DMZ. Ziggy, who may appear somewhere throughout this article. The first glitch is located right here on the map, and you'll want to bring it right here with the driver's side against the wall. You will need to reverse, then quickly get out and push forward towards the wall, and you should eventually wall-touch.

Don't expect to get this on your first try since it can be a little tricky to do. Again, you will need to reverse the car, then quickly get out and push forwards towards the wall and the car, and you should eventually breach the wall. I recommend a smaller car for this one since you don't have much room, and again, it may take a while before you get this to work, but just keep trying and you should eventually get it.

The bots just kept spawning in over and over again for us, which made this spot a pretty good XP farm. Remember to use these at your own risk, especially if you are using them in a warzone. And that's all for now.

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