News - New" Gamebreaking Dmz Weapon Glitch. After Patch" 4 Weapon Glitch/weapon Dupe. Warzone 2/dmz Glitches

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I'll be showing you a brand new four weapon glitch working right now in DMC. A big thanks to plowable30 for telling me about this one, and if you appreciate these daily glitch articles then let's try getting this article 200 likes. Ziggy appear in this article. Now let's get started. For this glitch, you're going to need a medium or large backpack and a riot shield in the secondary slot.

I'll show you how to get a free-ride shield later in the article. We can also use this as a dupe glitch, so have the weapon you want to dupe in your backpack, equip your primary weapon, enter any vehicle, switch to the passenger seat, open your backpack, and equip the stowed weapon. Now, when you exit the vehicle, you will have three weapons equipped.

You will have the riot shield as both your primary and secondary weapon, so this is a great glitch to use in the DMZ since the riot shield will protect your back against bullets without taking up any weapon slots. Then find yourself a fourth weapon, and you will be able to stow it in the backpack; this will create a duplicate of your secondary weapon.

dmz glitch

I tried doing it a little bit different the next time and dropped all three weapons except for my stowed one and then picked up my insured weapon, and both weapons ended up being contraband with a two-hour cooldown, but it was still duped. To get yourself a riot shield, just head to any stronghold and use a thermite grenade on a riot shield.

He will drop the shield, so quickly kill him and pick up the riot shield. Again, with the riot shield in your secondary slot, equip your primary weapon and get into a vehicle. Switch to the passenger seat and open up your backpack. Equip the stone weapon, and you will then have two guns and one riot shield equipped, with room in your backpack for another weapon.

This is perfect for anyone who likes to use different types of weapons since this means you are less likely to run out of ammo, plus the riot shield is really nice to have on your back for that extra protection. Now, if you are wanting to dupe your insured weapon or any contraband weapon, head to any stronghold to find the riot shield bot, and you can use the mantle car glitch to get inside any locked door.


Use the thermite grenade on the right shield bot and then kill him, and once he drops it, quickly pick it up. Now drop Weapon 1 and Weapon 2, and then pick up Weapon 1 and Weapon 2, and you will see that they have swapped weapon slots, which is required for this glitch. Then head straight to XFill.

You will see that your primary weapon has switched to your secondary slot. Now just head to X-Fill. If you find a weapon you want, you can stow it in your backpack, but don't equip it. You will receive a duplicate weapon with no cooldown timer. And subscribe for more; that's all for now.

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