News - New "broken" Bas-b Build Warzone 3. Best Bas B Class Setup / Loadout - Warzone 2

bas b warzone 3

What's good YouTube In today's article, we dropped 25 kills on the new Resurgence map with the bass B. This gun was feeling great; it has extremely low recoil and kills fast. Now let's get to the game, no. For the first attachment, I used Lock Shot KT 85. This helps out with the vertical and horizontal recoil control, as well as the gun kick control.

I tried the Polar Fire; it kills a little bit faster but has a lot more recoil, so I would stick with the lock shot. I use the Bruan Venom long barrel; this controls the recoil the best for this gun, and it also gives that extra bullet velocity and damage range. I personally like to use the Cronin Mini Pro Optics; it's good at long range, and it's also good at medium and close range, but you can use whatever optic you prefer.

For the underbarrel, I use the FTAC Ripper, which helps out with the aiming idle and recoil control. And then, for our last attachment, we use the 45-round mag. I really wish I had a 60-round mag, but the 45 isn't too bad. Here's the complete build.

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