News - New "best" Mcw Loadout Warzone 3. Best Mcw Class Setup - Warzone 2

best class setup

YouTube, it's your boy. Shay And today I got to show you guys the number one MCW class setup in War Zone 3, but before we get to the class setup, I do want to show you my game plays and classes on the channel. Make sure to subscribe and turn on that notification. Bell to stay tuned when I post. All right, guys.

for the mo first attaching for his MCW class setup that muzzle was he kodo heavy muzzle for the horizontal recoil gun can control that vertical recoil next we got the BR most important attachment for this MCW class setup and that Barrel was the 16.5. MCW Cyclone long barrel for that bullet velocity and range aiming out of Sway and that firing Aim so buy next we got the under Barrel make sure to rock that X10.

Tx12 hed op, that attack stand spread aimed outside speed and a Sprint to fire speed next we got the optic and a crucial attach for this MCW class setup and that optate was the qtg reflex site for that Precision site picture and for the magazine last attach for this MCW, class it up make sure to slap that 40 round mag for that magazine ammo capacity all right Guys there, you have actually no Cod number one fast-cling MCW class setup in War Zone 3.

best mcw class

I'm not going to waste any more of the time; let's get right to the article of peace dropping. You got a load-out drop-inbound; good kill, marking the rest of that squad on your tack, Map. That was, close my God, I might be honest to something here. Hold up, good kill, and mark the rest of that squad on your T map.

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