News - New Akimbo X13's Are "meta" Warzone 2. Best X13 Class Setup Warzone 2

akimbo pistols

Kindles and pistols have dominated Warzone 2 since the first day, so in today's article we're gonna break down these brand new AKMOS and pistol meta, of course I'm talking about the full auto X13s. Let's get into the class setup.

Akimbo x13

Akimbo x13

This is going to double the damage output that we are going to be able to deal with these things at the cost of, of course, damage range because when we do have a Kindle on, we will only be able to hip fire. Since we will only be able to hit firemen, we do want to go ahead and throw on a laser, and we do want to use the one milliwatt pistol laser.

1mw pistol laser.

This laser is going to give us the biggest boost to hit-fire accuracy. And is a little added bonus, we are going to receive the Sprint to Fire Speed, which is going to be very good on these things for clearing buildings, which is going to be the main place that we are going to be using them, so up next, we do want to go ahead and throw in a barrel and we are going to use the XRK.

Xrk sidewinder-6 slide

Sidewinder barrel This thing is going to give us recoil, control, and bullet velocity, and without this barrel on since these things are full auto, they do get a little bit out of control, but with this barrel on, we will have no problem controlling these things, and the added bullet velocity is very nice, either for the bullets or for hitting the target as fast as possible.

The downside is that we do lose some movement speed, and these things don't already have the best movement speed. In my opinion, it is well worth it for the damage that these things do, or the fourth attachment that we use on all our chemotherapy pistols. We do want to go ahead and throw on the Ft.

Ft steel fire

Steel fire suppressor because it is going to give us a very big boost in damage range, which of course is going to be very nice with us only being able to hit fire, and on top of that, it is going to smooth out the recoil pattern as well as give us an extra bullet velocity once again just to further increase the range at which we will be able to use these things. Or the last attachment before we do get into the tuning, we do want to throw in a magazine, and I personally like the 33-round magazine.

33 round mag

33 round mag

50-round mag is not a terrible option, but since these things already have a very slow movement speed with the 50-round mag , we are literally going to be moving at the speed of an LMG.

50 round drum

I tried the 50-round shot, and it fell almost even slower than my RPK. Now that we have all the attachments, we do want to jump straight into the tuning, so for the barrel, we want to go ahead and activate the recoil steadiness. And the damage range, usually on our secondary weapons, we would max out the speed, but, of course, since these things are Kimbo, it is not going to matter because we will not be able to aim for the muzzle.

We do want to go ahead and max out the recoil smoothness and the bullet velocity because we do want our bullets to travel to the target as fast as possible.

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