News - New Akimbo X13s Are "broken" Warzone 2. Best X13 Class Setup

akimbo x13 auto mw2

So in today's article, I ended up jumping 35 kills on Asika Island with the x13 autos, and you'll see that this is by far one of the best secondary builds you can run here at Warzone season 2. That way, you don't miss a future upload that goes up here on the channel. Alright, let's get into the class setup for the first attachment, the muzzle.

You want the Fort Steel Fire. It gives you sound suppression, bullet velocity, damage range, and recoil smoothness for the tuning of the muscle you're going to do, plus 1.22 ounces for recoil smoothness, plus 84 points for bullet velocity for the barrel. I was running the XRK Luck Nine. It gives you movement speed and adds speed depending on the tuning of the barrel you want.

Plus 0.45 pounds for recoil steadiness and plus 0.36 inches for damage range for the laser. I was running the 1 mw pistol laser; it gives you hip recoil control, hip fire accuracy, and sprint to fire speed for the tuning of the laser you want, plus 0.45 ounces for sliding hipfire accuracy, and minus 49.35 feet for sprint to fire speed for the ammunition you're going to run, the 33-round mag, and for the last attachment, the rear grip, you have your own Kimbo.

Best X13 Class Setup Warzone 2 Best X13 Loadout in Warzone 2. new AKIMBO X13s are BROKEN in WARZONE 2! Best X13 Class Setup.
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