News - New Akimbo P890s Are "broken" Warzone 2. Best P890 Class Setup

akimbo p890 build

So in today's article, I end up dropping a 32-kill game with the p890 and akimbo pistols here on Ashika Island. That way, you don't miss a future upload that goes up here on the channel. Alright, let's get into the class setup for the first attachment, the muzzle. You want the Ford Steel Fire. It gives you sound suppression, bullet velocity, damage range, and recoil smoothness for the tuning you want, plus 1.26 ounces for recoil smoothness and plus.90 inches for bullet velocity for the trigger action.

I was using the Bruin Express. It gives you the fire rate for the tuning you want, minus 0.09 inches for Sprint to fire speed and plus.16 ounces for recoil smoothness for the laser you want, the 1 mW pistol laser. It gives you hip fire accuracy and Sprint to fire speed for the tuning; we're going to do Sprint to fire speed minus 44.42 feet and plus 0.45 ounces for sliding hip fire accuracy for the rig if you're going to be running the Kimbo.

And for the magazine, you want the 12-round mag. Okay, this is the PIN 890 Classic that was running in today's gameplay. Thank you,

Best P890 Class Setup Warzone 2 Best P890 Loadout in Warzone 2. new AKIMBO P890s are BROKEN in WARZONE 2! Best P890 Class Setup.
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