News - New "1 Shot" Mors Loadout Warzone 3. Best Mors Class Setup - Warzone 2

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As you can see in the more detailed stats, we get a 2% increase to our movement speed, a 4% increase to the sprint speed, and a 3% increase to the attack sprint speed. On top of that, we do get a 10% decrease to the aim-down sight time, which is the number one most important staff for sniper rifle builds.

For the second attachment, we once again do want something to up our aim down sight speed, so with that being said, we do want to throw on the Razer Hawk laser light, which is the best laser for sniper rifle builds in War Zone 3, because it does give us an 8% decrease of the aim down sight speed and 15% of our sprint of fire time, which is going to have this build feeling, super quick, and as you are going to see in the gameplay, we hit some absolutely insane quick scopes with it.

Now for the third attachment, we do want to throw a stalk onto the build, and the one we are going to be running is the Super Light 90 Stock, which once again, as you probably guessed, gives us a 5% increase to our movement speed along with 2% to both the attack sprint and the sprint speed, trying to keep that mobility.

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As fast as possible, and on top of that, we do get an 8% decrease in aim-down sight speed and 12% in sprint-to-fire time, giving this sniper the fastest aim-down sight speed in the entire game. We post the best war zone 3 loadouts every single day, and right now, over 96%.

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