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() dog bome schematic explained.intro

() dog bome schematic explained.intro

How are you doing, Mr. Doggy this is the correct explanatory article for the friendly dog in MW3. Zombies: all of its abilities, how to give it more health, and the correct way to get all four tiers of dog, including the dark ether one. Many people have gotten this article wrong, so today we'll talk about how to get a friendly dog of each tier, how much meat you need for each, what he does with all of his abilities, and even discussing the schematic for it and how to acquire and use it.

So that said, let's get this out of the way now. Hey, what's going on, guys? How are yummy balls? As always.

Doghouses explained!

I got you with an elite guide, and today we're focusing on the dog, so before I tell you how to get the dog and go over the schematic, we'll discuss the basics and his abilities, and it's actually very simple.

Around the map, there are tons of dog houses. On this cheat sheet, you can see that there are locations of doghouses marked A side note: if you want more cheat sheets, including constantly updated versions of this one and a consolidated version, one and even a dark ether map, as more updates come out, make sure to join my Elite COD zombies Discord server as well as to follow me over on X, where I will always post the stuff I'm working on early.

An important note about the dog house is that every location you see on this map should spawn in your game; however, if somebody uses it, it will disappear, as each one is a one-time use per location.

Dog abilities explained

Dog abilities explained

Yes this also includes the RedZone dog house which there is only one location of so now that you know that who is the doggy well very simply he's going to be your best friend after getting the dog he will revive you when down act as a smaller scale kind of decoy monkey bomb and even kill zombies for you and now I know I know this sounds awesome on solo and it definitely is but when you think about how big this zombies map is this year you really come to appreciate the dog in Kaa, if you're in the upper leftand corner of the map and your teammate is in the lower right hand corner of the map for example complete opposite sides and if one or all of your teammates down the dog will come to them and release a healing Aura type of effect that immediately, revives them they just obviously can't be completely dead and blood out they just must be down it truly is a fantastic.

all dog house locations

Tool: Getting back to the mentioned Chi-Chi, you'll notice that there are quite a few doghouses on it in the gray zone, some more in the orange zone, and, as mentioned, only one in the red zone.

Get & use meat explained

Now that you know this, let's move on to the meat talk, which is very important when it comes to getting the dog and understanding why there's certain dog houses in each zone.

So yeah, about the meat, there are multiple ways to obtain meat inside of MW3, zombies, and the first way is to buy a meatball arming t-shirt at my website. Just kidding anyway, these methods of obtaining meat all root down to the same thing: killing zombies. You can opt to simply kill zombies with any weapon, and that'll slowly accumulate pieces for you.

It definitely will work, and if you choose to do this, a simple addition that should speed up this process is the shatter blast ammo mod because of its explosive qualities, but moving forward on the same kind of track, your next option is to specifically. Use explosive weapons like the grenade launcher.

all dog tiers

These weapons seem to guarantee a higher success rate of the zombies dropping meat if all else fails, and for whatever reason you just can't get any meat, there are two things that can make this even easier for you using cashmir grenades. Andor is utilizing Xville points. Casmir seems to be some kind of meat-generating machine, but if you just can't get one in your game and don't want to buy one for 5, 000 points from the Red Zone buy station, or for some reason it doesn't work the simplest way to just get more zombies quickly, which will indirectly.

Get you more me quickly because you'll be killing more zombies more quickly would be to just utilize those xvil points, like I said, go to an xville spot call in the chopper, and kill the zombies that spawn in as quickly as possible. You will more than likely get two pieces of meat from doing this alone at minimum.

I've gotten at least two every single time there's no set number, but it's hard to not get two, obviously. Don't get on the chopper because the meat doesn't cat, and stay in your rucksack for the next game like a perk can. Canen, for example, but you can utilize these Xville points to get more zombies to get more kills more quickly, all right?

Use meat explained

Use meat explained

But yeah, that was a full overview of how to get the meat from the dog, and now on to how to use it and how much of this meat is needed. So to use the meat, simply interact with one of the doghouses around the map and then interact with the meat inside your rucksack again to place it down if you're familiar with it.

It's literally the same mechanic as when you placed turret cards into turrets around the map; now the doghouses are a bit different because if you don't place enough meat in a certain dogghouse, it may just break, but if it actually doesn't and it may not, sometimes you should be able to go back and hand it more meat enough for the dog to spawn in moving forward in MW3.

Dog tiers & health explained

all dog tiers mw3 zombies

Zombie s There are actually four tiers of dogs, as mentioned in the introduction. Each tier can be obtained from the next harder zone. This means that at minimum, the tier one dog you can get from the Gray Zone, which requires one piece of meat; the tier 2 dog you can get from the Orange Zone, which requires two pieces of meat; the tier three dog, which you can get from the Red Zone, which requires three pieces of meat; and the dark ether dog, which is what I'll call a kind of tier three plus dog, but it's technically dark ether tiered.

dog bone schematic

You can only get this one from the dark ether, and it still only requires three pieces of meat now that you know these minimums. I'd like to tell you that I have tested out as well as scoured the internet for answers and have concluded, not with 100%, confidence at all but with some confidence that yes by placing more dog meat in any of the dog houses the dog will gain more Health this means that a tier one dog should have more Health points with four chunks of meat than it will with one because of the crazy varied ability that exists in Modern Warfare Zombies though the testing methods that I use that people I've exed and stuff I've read online, it still cannot allow me to say again with 100% certainty though that more meat definitely equal stronger dog it definitely does appear that way by the basic eye test and some of the stuff that I've ran into in my game test no doubt at all but I can confirm with numbers.

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