News - Longshots Are Still A Problem Warzone 2

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I was playing some Call of Duty today—no shock there—when I decided to revisit something I had intentionally been putting off. I decided to pick up where I left off on the camo challenges and pursue Orion, the Mastery camo. Now I know we're about four or five months into the game's life cycle, and plenty of players have grinded out the challenges; they've been posting it all over Reddit, flexing on their friends and flexing all the strangers, and I'm not one of them.

I've seen so much negative feedback on Twitter, Reddit, and YouTube comments that I actually believe I actually believed that they will change it. I kid you not. Similar to how they understood that the old camo selection system was broken and then fixed it, I assumed something like that would be coming for the long shots.

I stopped doing them, hoping that with season two they would come back with the revised challenge system. I was trying to be slick and wait until I made it a little bit more of a logical challenge, like 50 kills with a red dot or 20 revenge kills or, really, anything else besides sitting on one part of a map and waiting 45 seconds per opportunity for a kill, but instead they gave us a big meat bundle and gun game.

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Now I will say that, overall, season two hasn't been too bad. Ranked play is awesome, and that aspect alone revived the game for me. But now I found myself in a pretty salty spot. I always get queued up with kids flexing their Orion and Polyatomic, and honestly, I don't even think Orion is that good of a camo, you know, that good-looking camo.

But in the back of my head, it irritates me because I'm like, What the hell? I've been playing the absolute dog out of this game, and I still can't Flex like that. I'm over here double tapping and using different solid colors, trying to make it seem like I'm Flash Gordon, too cool to use the Mastery Camo, when in reality I'm Steven Glansberg.

Since the beginning of season two, people have had their complaints and concerns with the game, and I think it's safe to assume that they definitely will not be changing the challenges. I had hope, but now it seems like we may be closer to the Elden Ring DLC releasing than ever getting some actual logical challenges.

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pretty much everyone is frustrated with the longshot challenges in Call of Duty Modern Warfare 2. YOU'RE NOT ALONE. With all the other complaints in MW2, i think people have forgot this is still an issue.
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