News - Konni Pmc's London Terrorist Attack. Call Of Duty Warzone 2. 2023. Ending


The tunnel's clear. There is a locked door leading to the old train station. At the door, preparation for a breach is on your signal. Captain, let's get this done. Reaching three, two, and one, execute pushing in, sweeping left, sweeping right, and clearing. That's what we're doing in C. Find that fire, and get that drive.

John, team one, push downstairs with us, copy contact, clear team two will hold position upstairs contact in the hallway gas m r moving right side smoke, out meas lavatory side, what that is. Upstairs, spread out, and find that fire with the flash drive. Watch out; Conby is down. Find that flash drive and drive it.

AC Whatever was on it was uploaded to the station's train. Network Trojan Horse has control of the trains; there's more face recognition found this; they boarded 10 minutes ago; Marov wants to train full of civilian hostages and victims; that tunnel's 500 feet deep and 30 miles long; there's thousands of people down there at any given time.

Bravo, he's going to trap the trains and destroy the tunnel. We have no proof of that yet. Makarov's tranger stopped at across over platform 20 m in alls dispatch a second team we need all the help we can get we'll take the service tunnel let's move we may already be too. Late, boys Captain Price.


At Your Service. I need half of your man with my lieutenant and the rest of you on me. Copy that right, stay close, follow my orders, and let's get on those doors. Yeah, six to Watcher, we are on the ex-go for Makarov solid copy. Go get him, John. This bastard won't go down easy, yeah. Well, now with the sunshine, hey come.

G, shot clear 6 to watch out train The sun is clear about Bravo 07. take an effective fire Tony has hostages; secure them; seven; we're working on it; watch you; we're seeing dead civilians; they may be the first of many Bravos unless we stop. Quiet garage, clear securing hostages, no casualties Get safe, God; we'll handle them.

Rest; take six. This is 71. We're at the crossover. Now watch out; that's Makarov's last known position. Stay sharp; let's get ready. Mao Maybe behind these doors on your way, sir, Captain Cor's left with the bomb. SFO secures a perimeter. I see it. Yes, sir, soap, get on that bomb. Hey, 2 minutes all.


Bravo Bomb is located on the crossover platform. I need cover here now. Ro, push your way to contact [__] and get to work. Can we disprove it? I'll take both of us to get a snake cam on that right side. I'm in, talk to me, so the bomb's dirty. Captain C4 and the radioactive powder PL hit the tunnel and hit Europe.

How do we design it? I need the manufacturer logo on the large board. Give me something, sir. The logo is on the board. The logo on the circuit board is a bear copy of a bear cutting the wire. I bought it some time ago. Christ, be advised. Marov is on the channel. He's heading your way. So, you hear that a farm.

I'm not leaving this boy. Captain Here you have it, Captain; we're clear police. From 07 to 6, we're punching through. Now get here. Locate the blasting C bottom left-hand corner copy blasting C attest to the se4 If there's a serial number on it, give me the third

Konni PMC's London Terrorist AttackCall of Duty Modern Warfare 32023Ending. PC SPECS . Processor Ryzen 7 5800H. Ram 16GB.
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