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Kastov 545 class setup

Kastov 545 class setup

all right So for this one we're using the cast off five four five now, as I'm sure you know, this is more of a slower paced weapon that has very low recoil but does not hit as hard as the other cast of guns that is the 762 and the 70 for you hit extremely hard this one on the other hand not so much but the way I have this built out is primarily for medium and aggressive type play styles.

We're not running a barrel, but the low recoil makes it so you can take a longer range engagement if you have to, so let's get started here with the rear grip, where we're going with the demo X2. That's for overall recoil control and a negative 0.25 toward your sprint to fire speed for the stock. I have the Mark Eve R7 stock for Crouch's movement speed.

best kastov 545 class

Sprint speed and aim down sight speed are obviously important—I want to get my gun up quickly if I plan on playing a little more aggressively. The tuning on that side is negative 1.81 for your aim down sight speed and negative 1.6 zero, eight for that game walking speed for a laser. I have the FSS OLED.

I feel like I've explained this one plenty. of times aimed downside speed, aimed stability, and sprint to fire speed with, really, the only there's no cons the, laser visible in EDS is not a con the only time they see that laser sight is when you're aiming down those sites for the muzzle. Here we have the RF Crown 50 for horizontal and vertical recoil control.

There are plenty of muzzles here that more or less do the same exact thing that you can find if you don't have that particular one unlocked, but the tuning is negative 0.39 to a dream downside speed plus 0.15 towards your gun kick control. Now for the under barrel, finishing it off with the Commando 4 grip for recoil stabilization and aiming stability while only sacrificing a tiny bit of down sight speed, recoil stabilization and aiming stability while only sacrificing a tiny bit of gun kick control, while we're doing recoil stabilization, and I think that you could see a buff, not necessarily in the overall damage, but maybe in the damage range aspect of the weapon because it has such a low recoil pattern.

If you up the damage, it's going to be overpowered, but with that being said. I feel like it could be better at range, so maybe just boost up the bullet velocity and damage range aspects of the weapon, and I think it's going to be very balanced but still be much more usable. For the same kind of content, it's an absolutely killer setup, and it's the most effective way to support the channel. Without further ado, let's get over here to the Embassy and hope you guys enjoy.

In this video I will be using the no recoil best class setup for the kastov 545 in modern warfare 2 multiplayer. I have this weapon built out for high aggression while still maintaining low recoil in order to take both close and longer range fight. Make sure to jump into cod mw2 to try this now! Timecodes.
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