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Oo mobile is right around the corner now we were supposed to be getting this as of last year in November. Obviously, you will have to sign up for your Call of Duty account on War Zone Mobile, so I don't know how this works if you'll have the exact same profile. If you'll work a little bit like how Fortnite Mobile works, where you could literally play against console PC and mobile players all in one match, I'm not 100% certain on how that's going to work.

However, in regards to rewards, there is going to be a crossover. This crossover event is going to be the Modern Warfare 3 Operation Day Zero event. This will feature various challenges and rewards tied to war zone mobile plays that can unlock operator skins and various cosmetics for use in Modern Warfare 3 War Zone and Waro Mobile in Operation Day Zero.

Here's everything we know: So during the Cod next event, Waro Mobile is slated to release in spring 2024, which may align with season 3 of Modern Warfare 3 and War Zone. The Operation Day Zero event is rumored to begin alongside the launch of War Zone Mobile and will provide rewards for use in Modern Warfare 3 and War Zone, so Operation Day Zero challenges and rewards, so it does.

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State here login game once you will get 2, 000 XP If you complete a resurgence match, you will get 50 minutes. Double-XP token If you complete a plunder match, you'll get a 50-minute double weapon. XP gets one kill in War Zone 4, 000. XP: Open up one supply box in the War Zone. You'll also get 2, 000 XP, and then the other day Zero rewards that you'll get.

So the usual leakers on Twitter have posted images of numerous rewards that are tied to the Operation Day Zero event. Now these unlocks can be equipped in Modern Warfare 3 and War Zone, but it's unknown how these rewards can be obtained. So some of these rewards do include having a Day Zero operator skin, which looks pretty damn cool, and then it also shows you some different stickers and emblems you can also unlock now.

As well, so it's going to be interesting what kind of operator skins we will get with War Zone Mobile; are they going to be able to be crossed over to the full game? Nobody knows, like I said, exactly how it's going to work in regards to profile and how many crossovers they are going to be, but we've also had a lot of footage in regards to the ghost condemned operator, and like I said, it does look pretty awesome.

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We've seen in-game file footage of this and some of the finishing moves that we will see in War Zone Mobile as well, so there's all that yet to come, plus there's also going to be more information. Coming in the near future, there will also be a universal camo that has been reported in regards to the Day Zero event, so the camo is here up on screen; it does look all right, but it's probably not one of my favorite camos.

Maybe it looks a little bit better on weapons, but this is just an image background that has been found in the files as well. Just a quick word as well from one of my partners called control freaks. You can also use the code floppypenguin at checkout to get yourself a cheeky little discount. As always, guys, I'll catch you on the

HOW TO GET GHOST CONDEMNED OPERATOR SKIN in Modern Warfare 3! Warzone Mobile Release date CONFIRMED.
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