News - How To Get Bot Lobbies Like Nixstah (warzone 3)

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Guys, if any of you stay up-to-date with war zone news or are part of the war zone community, then you've probably heard of Nixter. While Nixer has always been a prevalent content creator in the Cod community, he's recently gone viral for breaking the kill record on Rebirth Island. He dropped a gameplay with 72 kills, and while that's incredibly impressive, he's received a lot of bad feedback for this, mainly because world-record gameplay takes place in an absolute bot lobby.

Now, I don't think anyone's expecting you to drop 72, not in a bot lobby. This is the question in the community. How are content creators doing this? So guys, that's what I'm going to go into today. I think everyone by now knows that the answer is a VPN. So I'm going to show you exactly how N is doing it by using a sweat VPN.

I'm going to download this onto my PC, and we're going to hop into a game, and you're going to see just what lobbies I get into using it. Make sure to watch the article closely, guys, and stay till the end. You're going to see people who don't even shoot back. These are new players who have only just installed the game.

I see so many of you guys saying you know how to do this, so I'm going to do one even better. Guys, if this sounds like you, I've actually partnered up with Sweat VPN for this article. In doing so, we're going to give you guys the opportunity to have your own cracker bot lobby. I want to see if any of you can break the 72-kill record.

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If you're on console and watching this, don't worry because we've got a solution just for you, and that is sweat DNS.

Nixstah's world record Rebirth gameplay takes place in a bot lobby using a VPN. In this video I'm showing you how to get bot lobbies using the best Warzone VPN.
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