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Ladies and gentlemen, Season 2 is now live for Modern Warfare 3 and War Zone, and just like every other season, what I like to do is dive in and take a look at the battle pass and microtransactions. Discuss how they work and whether or not they are actually worth your money. In recent seasons, we have received something new called Black Cell, which kind of changes the way that the battle pass works, so I wanted to show you what you get for it and then discuss whether or not it is worth it.

Now one thing that I want from you guys is that as we're going through this battle pass. But without further ado, let's dive into season 2. Okay, so here is the season 2 updated battle pass. As you can see, we have a classified event in 27 days, which is going to be when season 2 reloaded happens.

Now, when you buy the battle pass, you instantly get rewards from two operators, one of which is Kate Wells and the other of which is Rick Grimes from The Walking Dead. I think this skin looks amazing. There's also one of my favorites: send in the good boy finishing move, which of course is the dog, which is the finishing move, as well as the clan, which is a weapon blueprint for the MTZ 762, as well as your 10% boost to your battle pass throughout the rest of the season.


So the other thing you're going to notice is that with each of these operators, they also have a black cell version, which is the Rick Grimes black cell. As far as this goes, to unlock these, including the Kate Lwell version that you are seeing here, which really looks nothing like Kate Lwell, you have to purchase a black cell.

Now, the price of this is going to be dependent on where you live. If I press purchase, I will sell. I live in Canada; it's $40. Now what you get with this is 100+ unlockable rewards; those are your battle pass rewards. You also get 1,400 earnable Cod points, which is through your battle pass anyway.

Those things you're going to get regardless of whether you buy a black cell or just the battle pass You also get 20 tier skips and 20 unique black cell items, some of which we already saw with Rick Grimes and Lwell, and we're going to look at moving forward as well as the exclusive operator bundle, which is the one that you are seeing here for John Doe.

blackcell battlepass

This is our other character; he is seemingly a skeleton. You also get the reum black cell blueprint for The Sidewinder, the SVA 545 molten black cell. 1, 100 cod points Those are your extra Cod points as well as the flesh-stained and gold-dipped finishing move now. That is just the beginning. You're also going to receive items throughout the battle pass, which we are going to start looking at now, so in B1, this is our first kind of sector.

We have the Gilbert, and a lot of things you're going to see here are going to be zombie-themed, which I find incredibly weird because there's essentially no zombie content until season 2 reloaded. You also get the peekaboo emblem, 45 minutes of double weapon XP, and shatter blast ammo mods. These are for zombies, of course, and as well, you get the groom, which is the black cell variant of the other weapon blueprint for the DM 56, which is the red and kind of white one that you are seeing here, which again is zombies themed moving into sector B2.

blackcell modern warfare 3

For this one, we have the large decal, we have an emblem, we have a calling card, and we have a weapon charm, all of which are pretty useless in my opinion, but you also get the corit The Edge node, which is, of course, a melee blueprint, is moving to sector B3. We have our first operator, which is soap, and his Hector operator skin.

There's also a black cell version of soap as well, and honestly, all of the Task Force One variants look pretty cool. On top of this, we have a calling card for 100 Cod points. 30 minutes of Double XP, and finally the merry gold, which is for the pelmont moving next to B4. We have another character skin this one is for Alpine called K's.

There's also a black cell version, so if you purchase black cell, you get this version of it, which oddly looks like Kate Laswell's version for this character as well. 100 cod points a large decal, the weapon blueprint called the mercy This is for the year. This again reminds me of The Walking Dead and an hour of Double XP.

blackcell season 2

In sector B5, we have a weapon skin for the UTV; this one's called Trust No One; we also have the bloodlust weapon sticker, the calling card emblem; and finally, another weapon charm. So far, a lot of weapon charms and a lot of stickers—a lot of things that I really don't like to see within the battle pass moving next to sector.

B6 this is where we have our first new weapon. This new weapon is called the Ram 9. It is an SMG version of the SMG version of the Ram 7. Also in this bundle is another large decal. Another weapon charm 15 minutes of double battle passes, and finally another weapon sticker Everything is in here, but the weapon is pretty useless in B7.

We have our second new weapon, which is the BP50. This is an assault rifle bull PP assault rifle, alongside another large decal charm. 30 minutes of double battle pass and another weapon sticker moving into B8, for this one we have 30 minutes of double XP. 30 minutes of double-weapon XP The weapon blueprint for the Lockwood 680 is called Shoot Your Shot.

everything in blackcell

This one is pretty straightforward; there is nothing too special about it. A finishing move called the ninja nity, and finally the skin for Farah, called the skulker. This doesn't even look like Farah, so I like that, and the black cell version is the one you're seeing here, a skeletonized version of Farah essentially moving towards B9.

We have another weapon blueprint that just looks like the bassisk, so I'm kind of confused as to what they did with this one; it's called the trigger finger. The black cell version of it, called the Opus, looks much better. On top of this, we have an emblem, and we have the incision. I actually, really, really like this weapon blueprint completely whiteed out; you can almost see some veins going through it.

After 30 minutes of double weapon XP and a weapon sticker moving next to B10, we have 100 Cod points on the better days, fr556. Again, this one just has blood on it, and we have the find-out weapon charm. We have the epic ether tool, so this one is for zombies, of course, because it makes your weapon epic, as well as the rare ether tool, so four ether tools in total and then 30 minutes of Double XP.

everything in the battle pass

I still don't know how I feel about getting items in the battle pass that you're just going to use and disappear. It just feels a little weird. In B11, we have a pretty cool operator skin for Valeria. This one is called rupture, and the black cell version of her is what you are seeing here. We then have the pale death for the bruan MK9; I do like this one because it kind of reminds me of Mass Effect, honestly.

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