News - Even More Cursed Guns Warzone 2. Part 3


This, comes from RD Productions who says to use the cast-out 545 with the bipod v9 grip, the Harbinger D20 suppressor, the IgK30 barrel, the Forge Stack Delta IV optic, and the RPK factory stock, and what I've decided to do is to tune it basically to have the slowest aim down side speed possible so that way I can't play aggressive and also kill the aiming stability on this gun and not really helping my recoil control either so, even though it says that it's helping out my range and accuracy, it's really not, and as you can see, this thing is pretty much about, there's no way I'm playing aggressively with this, so we'll play slow and steady in.

I guess we'll see how it goes. Standing by, Guppy, let's get this UAV Let's see what we can do. I feel like the 545 is actually a pretty solid gun; it's just that when everybody's using fanex and Bisons and Castles Number Six Twos, it gets a little bit tough. I love you; it is leaving the hail. I wasn't expecting her to push back in; I was just going to run away.

So for the next gun, this comes from Mike Fox Gaming, who says to use Attack V with the suppressor that has the wires around it, the underbelly grenade launcher, and then he says to use the speed stock, which I'm going to assume is this X9 Pro since it helps with the aim down side speed, sprint speed, and crouch movement speed, but he could have met the TV Cardinal.

cod mw2

I'm not sure which one I think I'm just going to stick with this one; then, I'll use the full-on scope that has the cancerous red dot, which I'll assume is this Aries clear shot. And since we were at four out of five attachments, I thought, why not go ahead and throw a flashlight on there? As you can see with the flashlight, I have very good visibility, and I'm pretty sure everybody in front of me will be able to see where I am as well.

This one was built by me; we're going to do the M16, and what I wanted to do was make it have the worst recoil control possible, barely any range, and a wonderful, horrible trigger. Optic, on it, so I decided to run this TH4 barrel to help basically kill all long-range capabilities with the gun by having over-pressured rounds to have more recoil control and then tuning them to have more damage range of bull velocity, which means even less recoil control, and then running this 15-round magazine so that way we only have five bursts per magazine, which will be amazing, and then running this Rage 8 stock, which helps with mobility a lot but severely hurts our aiming stability and recoil.

cursed guns

and then finishing off with my most hated optic in the game, the three-times rfl, which is a three-to-eight-times infrared night vision scope, and as you can see when we're in the firing range, the scope is literally on the screen more than the actual gun itself, and when we aim in, it's very good visibility.

Yep, that's whatever; it matches a tie, and all Hunters return to base.

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