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boating and entering mission

Hey, welcome back to another DMC guide. Today, we're going to be showing you how to complete the Boating and Entering Crown, Faction mission. This is a three-step process, and we're going to show you how to complete it. The reward is one of the most amazing rewards, which is going to be the Hazardous Weapon blueprint that we always wanted in season one when you killed the chemist.

Well, today you're going to be able to use that, keep it, and use it just about anywhere you want, so if you like how that sounds, it's much appreciated. Now let's dive into the article. The first thing you need to do is go under Waters, which is going to be in the Waterways Tunnel, and that is where all nine different electrical breakers are going to be located.

This is kind of like when you broke in and entered from season one; it's just the same thing. The only difference is that you need to do the nine different electrical breakers in under 180 seconds, which is three minutes. Now let's do this, so the first thing you need to do is be able to enter. Now have this in mind: once you make the first switch, that's when the counting starts, so plan out your route.

dmz boating and entering

So I'm going to be showing you guys here what LaSable and Swift are and lifting it to show you exactly what you guys need to do. This is not like breaking and entering, where you go through a gate. This is wide open to being found there; not only do you have bots, you have juggies. Now, if you hit the switches, there's a possibility that if you even clear the bots, there are going to be players, and if the bots keep responding, the less is better.

Once you do that, you're seeing here the different locations where you need to go to be able to hit the switches. There are going to be nine switches, and they're pretty much just along the sides and also on the down and up stairs. When you walk down the stairs and up the stairs, you'll see the switches as we go through the whole run, and I'll show you guys the complete run now towards the end.

dmz boating and entering mission

There's also going to be a hard drive that you are going to need for a future mission, which is a data wipe, and you're going to need this hard drive, which is going to be located under the water. You'll need to dive into the water to diffuse some explosions, and after you diffuse them, you're going to do a little bit of parkour and go back into the water again, and there's going to be a chest that's going to have an experimental hard drive that you're going to need for Building 21.

So I'm going to leave the link to the other article here, and I'm also going to post this thumbnail that shows you what article it is so you can go and watch that because you're going to need that hard drive that you're going to get from this chest here. If you don't get the hard drive from here, you're not going to be able to complete a future mission with call, which is called Data; wipe; once you went into the waterways, you did all the different electrical breakers, and then you extract the hard drive; that's it; that's all you got to do; and then you're going to have this amazing hazardous.

dmz crown

The m13b weapon blueprint that I think is one of the best blueprints that you probably get right now in the weapon itself is pretty dope. Season 2, because I know after, uh, you get to Tier 2, it becomes a little bit harder to complete admissions on your own. 6 PM Central Time, 4 PM Pacific Time, or 7 PM Eastern Time, we're here to help you guys out again and complete any missions.

We have tons and tons of articles coming up still because there are just a lot of things to do here in season two. Put it down at the bottom; maybe you've got to swim to it; y'all didn't pin that was it doing that automatically; yeah, it did that automatically; yeah, there's a tunnel right here where, wait no, never mind, it's blocked the tunnel down.

Yeah, you can swim there. Okay, they said you can swim there. How do you swim

DMZ HOW TO GET HAZARDOUS BLUEPRINT M13B - Boating and Entering Mission Guide, Experimental HardDrive. Here is how you can complete the DMZ boating and entering mission from the crown faction and what you need to do to get the Hazardous blueprint m13b in modern warfare 2.
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