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Well you can find this camel challenge after joining in a revolt or a battle royale. Lobby, go to view all challenges, and then you want to go weekly. At first, the challenge will look pretty hard, as you need to complete all eight weeks of challenges. However, I managed to complete all seven weeks within just one day, and I'm going to show you the tips and tricks in this article.

The first important thing is that you need to loot cages on various occasions, and in week four, we have the same challenges, so just one time you'll be able to complete the sub-challenges inside week one, week three, and week four. For example, in week one, we have challenges to kill operators in various areas, and as you can see, we have the same challenges in week three. Here's another example: in week two, you need to loot cages on various occasions, and in week four, we have the same challenges, so you just have to complete them only once.

Fastest way to kill operators in warzone

Fastest way to kill operators in warzone

So now let's start with the hardest challenges that you guys have to grind through and need to do, which are killing operators in multiple areas.

The fastest and easiest way to do this, which I've done in one day, is a little bit cheesy. Just join the Battle Royale or Resurgence. Usually I just join a revival because it's a smaller circle. While on the plane, don't jump and just wait until the end of the circle, where you will automatically jump out and you'll see other AFK players; they'll be jumping down as well.

You want to use your parachute just to ensure that you see any non-AFK players you can see from their movement. If there are non-AFK players, you want to dive and land behind them to take them down first. If there's water, it'll be even easier. You just have to dive deep inside the water so you can see right above any players.

You just have to shoot them down and collect kills, as you can see here. I have one AFK player. Just kill him, and then you just want to quit the game and repeat the entire process until you get all the challenges done. Here's another article where I got a non-AFK player. You just have to shoot them quicker than they shoot you and dive deep inside the water, so you'll be unsuspecting.

Also, something worth noting. For example, in week three, we have multiple locations that you need to kill operators. The good news is that even if you land outside in the water area just on the north side of the military base, the challenge of killing 10 players near the base will still be counted.

This applies to all other areas, like the northern part, the eastern part, and also the southern part of the map. By keeping repeating this process, you will eventually be completing the 40 operator kills with the recommended weapon.

Fastest way to loot caches in warzone

Fastest way to loot caches in warzone

The next part of the challenge is to loot 50 loot cages. This will be the easiest one of them all. Just join any Resurgence or Battle Royale, and you want to jump and dive down to any of these locations, like the North Region, the West Region, and also the South Region, and you want to keep looting and scooting in all these places until you complete all these challenges, and eventually you'll complete the open 50 loot cages challenge while doing all these looting challenges.

Easiest way to place top 10 in warzone

At the same time, you can do the top 10 challenges five times. This can be easily done in Resurgence; you just have to hide and don't confront anyone until you see your group is in the top 10.

Easiest way to complete all contracts in warzone

Keep repeating this five times until you successfully complete this challenge, and the final challenge that you can do at the same time will be the complete 15 contracts.

best looking fire camo in mw3

You can do this while looting or hiding from other players; just go through the secluded area right at the far edge of the map and make sure you have a vehicle as well, because it'll be pretty convenient. So that's it for this article. I hope this guide is helpful, and I hope you guys will be enjoying the fire camo in War Zone and also Modern Warfare 3.

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This video will show you how to get and unlock a Fire Camo Rotten Inferno the fastest and easiest way for absolutely FREE in COD Warzone and MW3.
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