News - Cod Warzone 2. Karachi" How To Get On Balcony & More. Secret Spots


It's all right, so the first spot on this map is actually the most difficult to get to but also the craziest one on this list. You get onto this balcony by jumping onto this roof here, across all these three pillars, and then onto the balcony. So definitely one of the sneakiest spots on this list is that if you come to the back of the map behind this white truck here, you're able to get up on top of these balconies, which provides you with a nasty sniper spot that overlooks the rooftops down the street and right here as well.

So the next spot on this list, if you weren't aware, you're actually able to access all four of these balconies right here, and using that, we're actually able to access the next Crazer spot after this. So for the next spot. I think it's just more of an overlook location, but if you come to the center of the map and come to the corner of this building with a blown-out wall, you can actually get inside that room, right?

Next up, if you ever want a quick way to access the second floor of the hotel from this little cafe area, you're actually able to place a shield on top of the bus and jump from the bus to the window right. All right, so if you come over to this little market area, you're actually able to get on top of this little awning as well, and you're also able to jump across the street to this little restaurant sign and that sign right there as well.


Next up, if you want a sniper angle of these buildings right here and you want to be a little bit harder to find, you're actually able to jump over to this little fence right here to provide you with a nice sniper angle of the rooftops right there as well. Well, and finally. I think this spot is definitely the most useless on the list because it involves sitting in the back of the spawn, but you're actually able to get onto these little ledges right here on top of the bank in the back of the map over here as well.

Well, and that's about it, guys.

COD Modern Warfare 3. Karachi is full of several secret areas, angles, and jump spots you may not know about throughout the map. This video shows some tips and tricks, as well as, all the hidden spots you can get to including how to get on several different balconies and much more.
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