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A Russian delegation suffered massive losses when they came under fire. An estimated 158 deaths occurred at the Codian base, with more than 200 injured. Several explosions and an apparent chemical attack were seen by witnesses from miles away. The Kremlin blames Fingan for what they call a brutal and unjustifiable attack.

They are asking world leaders to join them in denouncing the Ulf as a terrorist. The organization Zikan has been a terrorist hotspot for years, yet what has been done about it is absolutely nothing. It's clear that the Ulf remain at large, and for all we know, they have weapons within striking distance of Moscow.

How do we know we're safe? History, get this off me. You [__]] son of a [__]] You will be a hero for what you're doing here. Samar, no one will believe you. I am not a terrorist. No, you're a Citizen Soldier inspired by Farak Karim to fight rash. You're a freedom fighter. You're Russian this plane is full of Russians.

No, I'm not killing them.

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