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akimbo x13 ashika island

What's good YouTube man In today's article, we're bringing you guys the Aikimbo X13. not gang and like the article and watch the whole article through this gun is crazy man without further Ado Let's get right on to the best pistol. The barrel on the right side wins the six slide without recontrol or BL velocity; this is the best barrel in the game.

Pistols making it broken, the cheting on the barrel—this is what we did run, we maxed For the recoil strength and the damage range, we use the Ft. Still Five for that sound depression bull velocity damage range and Rec Moon. It's just really, really good with the tuning on the muzzle. We max out the reco smoothness and the bullet velocity.

The ammunition R the 9-mm-overpressured ammunition gives us the most damage on this weapon, literally making it overpowered. The magazine around the 50-round drum—man, you really want to put this on to be wiping Squad finally for the rig, of course. The Kimo X3 has the best of the Kimbo pistols.

I hope you guys are ready for today's Banger article with the Kimbo X13. Let's get right on to

Best X13 AUTO Class Setup Warzone 2 Best X13 AUTO Loadout MW2 Warzone 2 Meta X13 AUTO After Update X13 AUTO Season 6. "BETTER THAN ANY SMG IN WARZONE 2! " Best X13 Class Setup Loadout - MW2. The Grind Never Stops.
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