News - This X13 Auto Loadout Is "broken" Warzone 2. Best X13 Auto Class Setup / Loadout - Mw2

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Also on YouTube, in today's article, we brand new guys talk about the terrifying auto in Warzone season 5. Drop a like on the article that's having a break. 170 likes in today's article really mean the world to me. I appreciate you guys commenting on the article. When you're shouting out in a future upload, be sure to like the article.

Watch the whole article, and you'll definitely get a comment. Shout it out. Let's get right onto this x13 auto setup for the stock around the x13 coach whipstock. I do not know why the pros and cons are there, but this is really going to give us all that mobility, literally making it one of the best pistols.

In the game, this is the tuning that we run on the stock; be sure to definitely copy this down the barrel, and the impact point is just completely for the range, but we're going to be using it for the expanded gunsmithing, reefer control, and here for actually breaking it. This is the tuning that we did run; we maxed out the record steadiness, and we didn't really up the damage because we wanted the aim down side speed as well as the miles around the FT still firing for that sound suppression ball velocity damage range and recoil smoothness.

akimbo x13 auto

We definitely want to put this on this gun to make it metal. This is the tuning that we would use if we measured velocity and recorded movement. was maxed out ammunition now we used to use over pressure, but hollow point really cripples them when you're shooting them; it's really just overpowered, and the damage is crazy when we do the tuning.

This is the tuning that we used if we maxed up the damage range and recorded movement. Finally, for the magazine, there are only 50 rounds. I hope you guys are ready for today's Banger article with the X13

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