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best vpn for bot lobbies warzone 2

everybody welcome back, and today I want to show you guys the best VPNs for Call of Duty: War Zone if you're specifically trying to use them. A VPN for bot lobbies now playing Call of Duty War Zone or the newly released War Zone 2 against people that have similar skill and kill death ratios can be pretty fun and challenging, and there's nothing more satisfying than invting a skilled player and earning that sweet victory for your team, but skill-based matchmaking, which pairs you with players of the same level, can get old, especially if you're just trying to relax, shoot some easy targets, and unwind at the end of the day instead of playing an overly competitive match with other players.

Now, getting bot lobbies outside of training matches and avoiding skill-based matchmaking is not something the game just allows you to do, but the good news is that it's easier with a VPN. And the best VPN can help you get around Cod's skill-based matchmaking and get bought lobbies for easy gameplay.

And to add to that, it will protect you from any potential dos and might even reduce ping if you're having ping problems with your current ISP. Now, with so many vpns to choose from, it can get a little tedious, but I've tested over a couple of dozen vpns, and I've narrowed it down to these three as the best overall.

best vpn for call of duty

Now, they all vary in budgets and features, so pick and choose depending on your own situation and what you're looking for out of these VPNs, depending on your own preferences and budget. Of course, you've got Express Nord and Surf Shark; they all work remarkably well with gaming in general. And again, if your ISB isn't exactly blessing you with the best of ping or Internet packages, you can possibly fix your ping using a VPN.

But of course, you're going to need to connect to the VPN server that is closest to your game server, Results, so just keep that one thing in mind. Now I've got Express VPN with over 3, 000 servers in 105 countries, and you'll be able to secure up to eight devices per subscription. You have the basic security features, such as the kill switch and split tunneling, and you have a bunch of protocols.

Just use the Lightwe UDP protocol if you're gaming or downloading; that'll give you the best connection. ExpressVPN is overall just a great VPN for accessing streaming services, safely downloading files, gaming, and general privacy and anonymity, especially if you're in a censorship-heavy country.

best vpn for call of duty warzone

But if you're looking for something that has plenty of bonus features to help you and keep your device secure or safe, you've got over 5,800 servers in 60 countries, plus a bunch of specialty features right here. And you do have the kill switch as well as the amp kill switch split tunneling. A powerful protocol as well as an easy way to change your DNS.

With custom DNS, always use Nord links. This is definitely the best-performing protocol, arguably making NordVPN the fastest VPN in the business. You'll be able to secure up to six devices per subscription with NordVPN; it's a powerhouse for security and performance, and you still get bonus features with it.

Nordvpn is a great, well-rounded VPN overall, and I highly recommend it if you're looking for high performance and high security, just like Express VPN, but at half the cost and with bonus features. However, the caveat here with NordVPN is that it will suffer in censorship-heavy countries, so just keep that in mind, especially if you're in China.

best vpn for warzone

It'll probably work almost 99% of the time in other censorship-heavy countries, but just not in China. If you're looking for the best budget VPN that gets the job done at the cheapest possible cost without really sacrificing any of the necessary security features that you get with more expensive VPNs such as Nordan Express.

You've got Surf Shark, and with Surf Shark, as you can tell, you have the ab blocker and the kill switch. Some protocols definitely use the wire guard for the best connection. Bypasser, which is the same as split tunneling, a speed tester, and a couple of other features that'll help you if you're in a censorship-heavy country.

You've got over 3,200 servers in 100 countries, so this is the second-biggest list of countries right here, and you'll be able to secure virtually an unlimited number of devices with just a single subscription. It's a great budget VPN overall. So these are the best VPNs for War Zone. If you're trying to get bot lobbies, just make sure that you play early in the day because if you tune in for a game early in the day, there might be fewer players, which means it's not going to be overcrowded, and you can get easier lobbies.

best vpn for warzone bot lobbies

Research the location that you're trying to connect to because that's another way to get bought lobbies in the war zone. Some locations have players that aren't too skilled, so check out some of the locations that don't have highly skilled players. Usually, these locations will not have as many players.

So you can just try these out risk-free. Besides that, comment below if you have any questions. I'll be happy to answer all of them. Have a wonderful day.

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