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best ram 9 class

It's your boy T back with another Banker article man, and today we got the ram N. I think we have one of the most broken Bild class setups in War Zone at the moment. I hope you guys give it a try, man. We dropped a 44-bomb gameplay with this bad boy, so I hope you enjoy it. All right, man, so you ended the article, man.

Here we go with the class setup we got, which is then compensated for by the muzzle. This is one of the best muzzles for SMGs. Also, I'm using the DR6 under Barrel. I would greatly appreciate that because, with this Dr. 6, I may want to switch it up a little bit, but it just hits so well. With all the SMGs now moving on, we have 50-round mags, and we definitely need that for the full team wipes and full kills.

Sometimes I don't run my thowing knif, so I get to get a little bit of extra shots into my opponents. Moving on, we got the Retro, or whatever you call it, we grip 90 grip tape. I'm using this for the recoil control, both horizontal and vertical. And this thing is a beast when it comes to this SMG because sometimes it bounces, but that helps the recoil control.

best ram 9 class 3

Last but not least, we got the ultra-light stock pad for the stock, and we're using this for the movement speed for all my movement demons out there. Go ahead and throw this bad boy on and have a blast, man. This is the class setup for Ram 9, and I'll catch y'all in the next one, man. Peace

the NEW RAM 9 SETUP is GODLY in MW3! Best RAM 9 Class Setup Call of Duty Modern Warfare 3.
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