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10 penetration kills mw3

So starting right off, if you are going for any penetration kills within the game, let's go ahead and go over some of the attachments that you will need to use. So right here is an LMG class setup. I got right now granted that when you are going for these wall penetration kills, one of the best attachments for you to use is armor, piercing, and rounds, because, as you can see under Pros, there is a hollowed Pro point, if you could say, and if you look through all the attachments, everything that is hollowed is most likely.

The best, and on this lmg, there are two that are hollowed. You get the armor-piercing rounds for bullet penetration and vehicle damage, then you get the inary rounds, which give you recoil control and vehicle damage out of all of them. Armor piercing rounds are probably the best because you get no con, so when you go for armor penetration kills in Call of Duty Modern Warfare 3, it is a challenge for LMG.

It is also a challenge for the Cat AMR sniper rifle. Now, I did make a article previously for Grease, which is probably one of the best maps for potentially getting you your cat AMR sniper rifle. I also got a article of the shipment. Now that I have been told by a lot of people that some spots you cannot shoot through, we're going to go ahead and debunk and figure out what spots you actually can, and the spots I do find out I will put on screen.

15 penetration kills mw3

All you have to do is pause the article to see what spots are able to be shot through, and one or not now the diagram will be on the map, so without further ado, let's go and get right into today's article. All right, so as you can see on screen right now, I broke down the entire map of the ship. Moss every green spot is a Mis location, such as the barrels on the map.

Every single wall that you see highlighted in blue or walls of white that you can shoot through, and everything that is highlighted in red, is something you cannot shoot through, no matter how hard you try to do it now with Chipmos. A lot of spots from the OG shipment are not able to be shot through, but then they let other spots available to be able to be shot through, but just like I have in multiple articles I've made here on the channel.

I'm going to go and show you some of these spots in game so you know where to sit. I would advise you to pause and figure out what location you would like to be at to farm up these kills. Now I would say if you got an advanced UAV up, some of these spots can work amazing, not just the advanced UAV but also the UAV as well.

bullet penetration kills mw3

Let's go ahead and get right into the gameplay and show you guys where to go. Shoot, over here do a sweaty mop on the grind; never stop cleaning up the game. Flow straight, pop, and wipe up the mess; there's no need to stress and sweat for success. Always at your best, sweating up. You're the one who's making moves, leaving them so fresh, and setting up the grooves from the bottom to the top.

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