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I'm going to teach you how to kill like the pros with three major tips. Tip number one: We're going to be talking about peekers, advantage, or breaking someone's camera, and basically what that's going to look like is that I'm going to jump around a corner and challenge the person and get the first shot, which is going to lead to me winning the gunfight.

Now you have to do this quickly, and obviously you have to hit your shots. This is an example of me not trying to save the person on the head who glitched right here and died. Now, here will be an example of me jumping around the corner, breaking his cameras, and getting the first shot and taking him out, just as you saw me take him off the head coach's staircase, breaking his camera, but essentially this is going to be the same thing, except now that someone's out in the open, it's even worse, and I'm going to demonstrate this right now.

Another way to camera someone is to actually sprint to fire around a corner, but it requires amazing centering, so basically it's centering where your opponent is going to be and on top of that, hitting your shots. You don't always have to jump shot, even though it's the best way to engage in NW2 or in ranked play, but this is another example of spreading the fire.

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Just like that, another way to have the speaker's advantage is by snaking behind cover, because as soon as you go up, you have the peaker's advantage, even if you have the peaker's advantage. For tip number two, we're going to be talking about the off angles and kind of the way Call of Duty and MW2 work, so basically the right angle has more of an advantage on the left angle, and it kind of ties in with Peaker's advantage, and this is why off angles are so effective.

What do you consider an off angle? It's basically a weird off-angle where normally someone wouldn't hold and you know, expecting them to run in and they're going to check something else, and you get that first bullet or two to take them out, and right here is a perfect example. Right now Jay cannot see me, but look how much of his body I can actually see, and it's kind of crazy to think about the fact that I could see that much of his body without him being able to see me.

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Jay, can you see me right now? negative, and I can see a whole leg. I can see your belt with a grenade in it and your arm. Hey, this is crazy, is land fair man? Yeah, I'm going to kill you real quick just to show it. So this is a good example of taking the right angles in certain engagements; right now I am coming from the right side while he is on the left side, so you can see that if I were turned around, he would have his left angle.

Well, am I going to stick it to the right and have the right angle? This is going to give me, in a way, a better peeker's advantage, a better camera, and I'm going to be able to potentially have the first shot on him, and it kind of increases the probability that increase in the probability that I'm going to win this gunfight, so I'm not going to hit him with a crazy movement or jump shot?

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I'm simply going to sprint to fire around a corner and show you how incredible this angle is. And now to make things better, I'm going to jump around the corner, jump shoot him, and get that first shot. And to go hand in hand with this, you're going to want to do off-angles, which are basically an angle where normally people wouldn't sit and can really help you secure that kill, especially when you're weak.

The reason why is because you usually catch people sprinting and really just running at you, and that off-angle is going to allow you to get those first couple shots and take them out. To give you guys an example of a random off-angle shot, I'll be sitting somewhere around here as he rushes me. And the reason off angles work so well in Call of Duty and especially in MW2 is because the time to kill is very fast, and tip number three, as simple as it may sound, is keeping your gun up to have one of the fastest ttks.

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In past Call of Duty games, and with a slower sprint to fire time, keeping your gun up is going to be your best friend. Well, one, it's called pre-aiming. You definitely want to pre-aim more because if you're pre-aiming, you can get that first shot and take them out most of the time now, coming in and breaking Peake's As I said earlier, an advantage does exist that can counteract it, so you've got to be a little bit careful but premium around corners.

Opponents, and getting that first shot is huge, so if you're expecting someone to get their gun up a lot of times a lot of you best players in the world you're going to see them having their gun up or ready for a gunfight if not, you die like that, so bot so pre-aming is obviously one of the biggest things, and something else you want to add to your gameplay on top of that is spamming, ads, so you see the pros do this all the time even some of the best players in the world.

They do this mainly with an AR; you can do it just kind of with a cell, but you can see that they always try to have their gun up, like they try not to get caught with a gun down because it can make a huge difference; it can be life or death if you're just sprinting around and don't have your gun up somebody can easily kill you, but if you're kind of anticipating.

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A gunfighting kind of ready for someone and even just doing this kind of like adsing, like pushing ads again, and just ready to engage in that gunfight whenever they're in the screen, you'll kill them, and that brings me to another thing you got to be very careful about in rank play in NW2, because the sprint of fire time, especially when you're off a tactical sprint is A little bit slower than what it would be with walking or a normal sprint, so the one thing you gotta understand is that sometimes botwalking is fine on automatic.

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Tactical sprinting isn't necessary, though it is nice for breaking people's cameras, but if you ever get caught off guard. The sprint off time is so slow that it won't help you, so you've got to be very cautious when you're sprinting around and always try to have your gun up. Lot of the times you wanna always as you're jumping gun up jumping, gun up that way when you see someone you're ready to shoot and take them out you're not having to you're not pull your gun late you're not you're not mid-air then pull your gun as soon as you land it's you got it's a flow you jump gun up as you're flying around a corner jump we've gotta attack let's run out gun up and that way your, gun's up and you're ready to shoot and kill him so like I said even though this might be one of the more simple tips, honestly man at the lower levels in rank play and some of the stuff I see sometimes it's such a new mistake but it happens a lot where people get overzealous.

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