News - 1 Pro Nade Spots For Warzone 2 Ranked Play. Ordnance Gloves

1 pro nade spots for mw3 ranked play ordnance gloves

This is your ultimate Nate spot guide part five and today we have 14 offs spawn Nate spots for Karachi Invasion Rio and terminal, using only the ordinance glavs which allow you to throw your equipment further spots like these can easily get you first Blood information, or even two or more kills if you teamate a specific spot recently as some of you might already know these specific GLS have been G in the pro league which means that professional players have agreed between them not to use them due to their significance in Search and Destroy matches, but by the time I'm recording this article These glovs are still available to use in rank play and should be for the rest of the season on top of that frag grenades have been nerfed which is something worth mentioning in this article because now it's much more difficult to kill someone even if they don't have EOD on as you need to be more precise With Grenades, now without further delay, let's, *

This video shows 14 nade spots using ordnance gloves in MW3 ranked play! Enjoy.
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