News - 1 "broken" One Shot Bryson 800 Class Warzone 2. Best Bryson 800 Class Setup - Warzone 2



In today's article, I gave you guys one of the most broken class setups in the entire game for the Bryson 800 shotgun. I promise you guys do not want to miss out anyway. With all that being said, we're going to hop straight into these two insane nuclear gameplays.

Mgb nuke + 104 kills gameplay

Attack, Guys, So for the class setup I was using in today's gameplay, the first attachment you want to go with is the SA MX-50 muzzle.

The tuning for that is negative 1.04, towards ads, and plus 0.58, towards bullet velocity. Moving on to the barrel, you want to use the 29.5-inch rifle. The tuning for that is plus 0.39 towards recoil steadiness and plus 0.31 towards damage range, and then moving on to the laser, you want to use the VLK 7 milliwatt tuning for that, which is ads and sprint to fire both maxed out, and then for the guard, you want to go with the demo x50 tactical pump.

best smg

The tunic that is plus 0.15 towards aim locking steadiness and negative Point 18 towards the sprint to fire speed, and then for the final attachment, you want to go with the stockless pistol grip all right guys, so that is the best possible class setup for the Bryson 800.

Thank you for watching! In today's video I used the best Bryson 800 class setup in MW2 Season 5 and dropped 2 insane nuclear gameplays.
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