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Shots i've been playing Call of Duty for over 13 years, so I have some good tips and tricks on how to help you guys improve your aim on the controller, keyboard, and mouse. I have spent most of my time on the keyboard and mouse, but I have played a lot on the controller, as well as older games and some of the newer games.

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I just switched back to the controller on Modern Warfare 3 as well. First off, one of the biggest things that you guys need to learn is how to use rotational aim assist. Aim assist is really overpowered, in these games but not knowing how to use rotational aim assist will leave you lacking in the game moving your left stick left and right will activate rotational aim assist which in turn you'll see in screen right now will basically allow you to stay sticky, whatever enemy your Crosshair is on and that's a big Advantage when your gunfight because someone who is not using this has to move their right joystick, right and left like this while you can just do this and get the same outcome without having to move this and you can move the right stick now to aim even better so basically this is using both your sticks to aim instead of just using one stick to aim and what this helps you do is this helps you use your right stick for recoil control so instead of sitting here trying to go left and right like this and pull down going at a diagonal, you can just pull you can move left and right with the stick and you can just pull this one straight down and have good recoil control you're going to want to go in private matches, and go and see what your recoil patterns look like for like your MCW.

Or your rival 9, depending on what you play, you play a bunch of different game modes, like just public matches. It might not be that big of a deal, but if you play private matches a lot or you want to play ranked play, you're going to want to know what the MCW and the Rival 99's recoil patterns look like because those are the guns you will be using in ranked play.


Some of the different attachments you run will affect the rec pattern, so if you do change it, make sure you go and see what it looks like. The settings I run dynamically in Black Ops are what I was told were the best options for this game and some of the previous games; however, when it comes to aim assist settings, all of them work; it's just the ones that work best for you.

I would mess with them. I think there are a few different ones that look very weird. I don't know if I'd touch them. I just run Dynamic and Black Ops because that's what I was told. I think Standard and maybe Black Ops also work very well. There are different options you can run. I think another option for an assist is dynamic and standard.

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Or linear and standard—those are two real options that were available, so I think Dynamic and Black Ops were the best ones otherwise. Dynamic and standard were the best options, but Pros do run as well, and some other things when you're talking about your controller and a setup and what you should be using for what pre-firing at long ranges help you out a lot better because you're just going to be moving this stick hopefully left and right, trying to narrow in your aim and let your rotational aim assist hit, you're pulling down with this one, and you're going to be pulling down with the right stick, while when you're up close, you want to be hip firing before you ads.

So when you turn a corner and you guys know if you know guys in this corner here, you can slide around that corner, or you can just, you know, run around the corner. You can be hip-firing before your ads; this allows you to get one or two shots off, and if you're using a rival 9. Two shots out of six are already on target; that guy cannot kill you if he reacts right away, and that's an easy kill for you while using an MCW.

Even at close range, you can do the hip-fire method, but at long range, you will be pre-firing the corner, so if you know a guy could be peeking at the corner, you might want to tap-fire. If you hit one or two shots, you're already halfway there, almost killing the player, and that's a big advantage in multiplayer.

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Game moving over to your dead zones now that we know kind of how aim assist works and how we want to maximize it we know that this stick right here is pretty important when it comes to rotational aim assist helping us get this activated, faster is a really big thing so having your left stick Min low allows you to activate your rotational aim assist right away and if you have a little bit of stick drift it might activate it for you automatically, without you even moving it and that's a weird exploit that the game does allow you to do is it fair, it's probably not fair but it's what it's what the it's in the game and it's what the game allows you to do but I don't really have stick drift I have maybe one or two, so I put my de Zone at one for my left stick and then for your left stick.

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Max this allows you to get to your fastest speed faster, so I have this set at 65, and this allows me to only push 65%. Of course, I'll start running at full speed. This is really good because you don't want to be slow at getting to your maximum speed, so your right stick Min helps with your aim response so that's your right stthathere, and so setting that to lower will allow the stick to be more responsive, but if you have a stick trick or you don't want it to be instantly responsive, you're going to want to find a nice sweet spot here, and you might not want to put it at zero, but you might want to put it at like five or six depending on who you are if you like it being super responsive.

You can maybe go to one or two. But that's also true if you have to be a really good aimer to do that, and you have to really be in control of your right stick if you're doing that, so I would not advise doing that. The celum runs at seven, so it's a good thing to remember that the best aimers in the world aren't running this one low as well.

So just an FYI, for your right stick Max, you can actually increase your margin of error by having it all the way from wherever you started your Min to 99, because then you will be able to aim in all this area, which will allow you to have more area, and it will increase your margin of air. Anything to increase your margin of air while aiming is massive.

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So for your left trigger and your right trigger, I just put this at five. Basically. I already shoot this off a little too often sometimes, but for your left trigger as well, you don't always want it; sometimes you're resting your finger on it and you don't want it to go off. You know, that's kind of why I put it at five.

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