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So to start this off, I think the most consistent loadout you're going to see is the RAM 7even paired with the HMR. That's mainly because the ram 7even only got a damage range of Nerf by like 6 M, so every damage drop off is going to be reduced by 6 M, which really isn't going to be all that noticeable.

This is a gun you're going to still see across war zones dominating as usual. Second up, like I said, we have the HMR. This has just been a really good SMG since it got introduced into the game, and now this is a build that I found to work best for me. I just like it because it has really good Sprinter fire speed and speed movement, and then the recoil really is not that hard to manage at all, like this is easily the top three SMG right now.

Moving on from that, next up we have the SVA 545. This has been good since the beginning of the game, and people are still sleeping on this gun for some reason. Now this is a fun weapon because you can use it in full auto and have no problem with the recoil. Or you can put it in single fire or the tap option, and look at this.

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I'm not even controlling recoil at all. This thing is not moving like it's actually crazy, and the good thing about that is that you're not losing any of your time to kill speed or anything like that, so if you guys can't really control recoil, well, look into this weapon and put it into the tap fire option.

Next up, what we have is a ram. Now, as of lately, this has been my favorite SMG. So far, when you throw this gun on, you will not lose any gun fights to the HMR because this gun does not kill that weapon. The only thing with this gun is that you're not going to have as great a SMI of fire speed, so that may be a little bit of a problem for you, and then other than that, the recoil can be a little bit wavy.

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Like, you're not going to notice that the first target, but at the second one, you can start to see it makes like an S curve, but if you're able to get over that. I think this is going to work out just fine for you all right now. Next up. I know a lot of you guys are probably not going to believe me, but the Hore 26 is actually a really good option this season, and as of lately, this has been my go-to weapon because just watch this The recoil on here is super easy to use, and it has a really good damage range; overall, it's super consistent and does not move.

This build is actually crazy, so out of all the builds I'm showing you, I really want you guys to try this one out. Other than that, we have the AM9. Now you guys remember when I said you knew the top three SMG? This may arguably be the number one SMG in the game only because of the time to kill; it has the fastest time to kill, better than the RAM, and better than the HMR.

And I mean, this gun is not hard to use at all; recoil is super easy to manage; everything like that. The only downside once again is that sprint of fire speed and the ad speed, but once again, if you can just get past that small problem, this gun is super good, and look at the damage range, you're good until 20 M.

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Like, that's insane for SMG all right now. Next up, I think it's time we get rid of the MTZ 762. For the 556, so I'm saying that because the 762 got pretty big damage, Nerf, and honestly, the 5.56 is just a 762, but it has much better recoil control, and it also comes with a 50-round mag. Now, in my build for this gun.

I prefer iron sights on this one; it makes the gun a little bit steadier in my opinion, but if you guys do not like iron sights, you can remove the stock or the under barrel. I highly recommend this new glassless optic because it is easily the best site in the game because it reduces that visual recoil, so the recoil on this gun is super easy to manage.

But definitely look into that one if you have not already, and now, surprisingly, my fourth-best SMG in the game is going to be the striker 9, which now surpasses the striker 45. I knew before that the striker 45 was better than this, but now it's time to kill wise recoil control. This is just the better option if you guys prefer to run an optic on here because the iron sights can be a little bit difficult to use.

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Get rid of the rear grip and put on whatever optic you want, and I'm only saying that because your front sight is kind of in the way sometimes when you shoot. So I can see why that may be a problem for some of you guys, and now, lastly, I know a lot of you guys probably won't believe me on this, but the Hogre 556 is actually really good this season.

This thing got a huge damage buff, and besides that, the recoil is super easy to use. The only downside is the 40-round mag, but this gun has always been good; it just has never been the meta, so I'm moving forward and definitely looking into the Hogre 556.

Warzone 3's NEW 10 Best Meta Loadouts! Season 2. 5 Warzone 3 Meta loadouts to use after Update! Watch Me LIVE.
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