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Mwz hey, successfully excellent MWZ! For newcomers to this game mode, I can imagine it's very daunting and almost overwhelming, so I'm going to give some tips. My first tip would be to just don't die like I did here. Those are all the tips I have for today, so instead, you can enjoy another trophy once we run over 100 zombies with a vehicle in a single game.

I got a trophy: 100 zombies with a vehicle. For those of you that don't know, in a single game of MWZ, there's 24 players for this next trophy. I found a player that was down in an xfill site from a different squad and revived them for another trophy. Woman, he's down, down going to get a trophy.

Boys, let's go, help a stranger, and revive a player from a different squad in MW. I wanted to include this clip from multiplayer because this just absolutely killed me; they never see it. Me, what the, [__]. However, now there's an abundance of duplication glitches, so somebody can probably duplicate a bunch of level two or level three crystals and drop them in the game for you, and you can completely skip this step.

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Speaking of contracts, during this session, I managed to get the trophy for completing 20 of them. Complete 20 contracts in MWZ. Okay, I'll take it. Once xiled, you're going to spawn in with the rest of your full six-man squad, and you're going to be in a part of the map that is completely cut off from the rest of it.

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Your objective here is to run with the rest of your team and make sure that you all get to the boss fight alive. There will be a mix of mercenaries and zombies on your tail and believe me when I say pre patch these mercenaries, hit harder than the zombies IES, so just be very careful because you don't want to die and miss out on the trophy do you congrats on now making it to the actual Boss Arena, before the actual boss a helicopter spawns in now we thought you had to take this out but no that's not the case if you want to save your ammo even though there's ammo crates around you can actually just wait in the helicopter will get destroyed by the boss this boss fight is honestly, kind of easy but it's really hectic and really fun at the same time the boss has quite a few attacks but this one's my favorite the one where he swallows you hole and spits you out watching this happen to your teammates is quite funny but when it happens to yourself and you die not so much sh I'm going to die aren't.

I yeah the gold is quite simple; all you have to do is shoot the purple crystals at the boss, and eventually you're going to drain his health to the point where he, of course, dies, because that's the whole point. As time goes on, this boss fight's actually gotten quite a lot easier, and that's just due to all the glitches that people can overpower.

Themselves, there we go, killing Orus while in the sixth-person squad in MWZ. And at the end of completing act three, Mwz, the next trophy I wanted to knock out was called Perkaholic. You can all probably guess what this trophy is for, and if you guessed having all nine perks active at the same time in a single game, you are indeed correct.

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There are quite a few different ways you can win this trophy. You can just have somebody drop you the Cs because they already have them in the stash. You can craft all of them and take them in a game with you, or what I did was I crafted some and then I bought the rest in game, picked up quick revive, and got my trophy.

modern warfare 3 trophies

Extraction, hey, per, n per at the same time, for all you dog lovers out there you're going to be really happy because this game has a trophy for getting your own pet hellhound, you can see at the start of the clip I fail here because I don't have a chunk of Flesh luckily for me I find one quite literally just around the corner on the floor the amount that you need is random you could take one or it could take two or even three luckily for me it only took one chunk of Flesh now that he's green that means he's your friend now that the dog is turn green just hope that he stands still long enough so that you can pet him and get the trophy yeah, yay you can pet the dog pet H, for the next trophy you need to get 500 kills with a single insured weapon on mwz, an insured weapon is exactly what it sounds like you can Ure a weapon in the crater class in the pregame Lobby what this does is make it so if you die with this weapon in your infantry while you're playing mwz it's insured and you can get it back after 2.

Hours, hey, right off, finally, 500 enemies using an inro weon inz. The next trophy that I'll be going for is the killer warlord in MWZ. The location of the warlord is marked on everybody's map as a default. In order to actually get inside the building of the warlord, you first need to get a blue mercenary card from a mercenary camp.

Once you have it, you can go to where the warlord is. However, the next part isn't so simple. [__] I went straight to the gap. No, the base is guarded by a bunch of mercenaries and even a helicopter, and you need to take every single one of them out before you can enter the building. Once you're inside the building, be careful because it's full of traps and a bunch of mercenaries.

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The warlord will be waiting for you and your team in the farthest room in the back. It's also worth mentioning that if you're playing this in a group and you want to unlock the trophy, you need to do at least one bullet of damage to the warlord. You'll see this demonstrated here when I do a little bit of damage to the wall, I get killed, and then my teammates take him Out, trophy what the, [__] The next trophy I get is for reaching level 55.

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I get this while playing zombies because, like I said, I didn't really use the multiplayer. XP i got a trophy the first time I reached level 55. The gameplay that you seeing here in the background is from the start of season 1 you might be wondering why is he showing me gameplay from season one like it's a DLC right and you would be right but the reason I'm showing it is because this damn season reset everybody's kill counter on PS4 for the 50, 000 kills trophy I had over 22, 000, kills already on zombies and this damn season reset them this was extremely devastating because I spent quite a few hours grinding these kills out and then all of a sudden I'm back to zero and my progress doesn't count anymore like it means nothing, at this point I had ditched the game for about 3 weeks and all I did was occasionally hop on to help people with the six-man trophy you all might be wondering what the best method to farm kills is so don't worry I'm going to explain it to you all right now the best method at the moment is to farm kills in tier one Outlast.

Hello, today is the platinum trophy for Call of Duty Modern Warfare 3. The Call Of Duty games have had their fair share of controversy but this game had huge controversy in the trophy community due to the game being a DLC pack on the PS5 version yet still being on the storefront for the full 70 price tag. Thankfully the PS4 version does have a platinum trophy which is what I will be showing in this video today. The controversy does not stop there though as the campaign falls extremely short at about three to four longs on veteran difficulty and around two hours on lower difficulty level, this was just a huge slap in the face for a lot of people.
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