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I'm Amio 602, and today we're going to go over how to get every trophy in Call of Duty: Modern Warfare 3. Zombie, this is part two of a two-part series on how to get every trophy in Call of Duty. Modern Warfare 3 zombies, or mwz as they call it, have 14 different achievements.

The first step

The first one is actually going to be shared between War Zone multiplayer and zombies, and that's simply to reach level 55.

And so it begins

The next trophy is called And So It Begins. You can obtain this trophy by successfully filling in MWZ. This is pretty self-explanatory, and I'm not going to go into too many details because you are going to need to fill in order to get some of the other trophies.

Write off

Later on, next up, we have a trophy called Write Off, which you can obtain by killing 500 enemies using an insured weapon.

Insured weapons in MWZ are just like those in DMZ; these are loadout weapons that you equip on your character before you infiltrate.


Next up, we have Perkaholic. You can earn this trophy by having nine perks active at the same time. The nine perks that are available in MWZ are Juggernog, stamina, quick revive, and Speed Cola.

Elemental pop Tombstone Deadshot Daquiri's death perception and PhD. Flopper, the easiest way to get this trophy is to go into the Red Zone and go to the Vunder Fizz machine in order to get whichever perks you are missing. You're going to need quite a bit of essence for that, though, and for that , I recommend doing contracts.



Next up, we have gravestone, and you can earn gravestone by killing 100 zombies with a vehicle in a single deployment in MWZ. The easiest way to do this is with the blood burner motorcycle since you'll be able to run over 100 enemies without stopping, but you can use any vehicle to do this.

The trick here is to be sure that your vehicle doesn't get too damaged by mercenaries or zombies as you run over them and just circle around a spawn near a gas station.

Back from the dead

The next trophy is called Back from the Dead, and you can earn this trophy by reclaiming your gear from a tombstone in. MwZ there are only three steps to this process.

It's pretty easy. First, you need to locate and equip the tombstone perk. This can be an acquisition that you come in with, or you can pick it up from a perk machine. Once you have Tombstone equipped, you need to die. Once you die, just quit the game. The next time you start a game of MWZ, there will be an icon with your tombstone.

Make your way to the tombstone, collect all of your gear, and you should get.

Helpful stranger

Next, we have the helpful stranger trophy, and you can earn this trophy by reviving a player from a different squad in MWZ. This is pretty easy to do since the game does have a text chat feature. Just keep your eye open for anyone asking for help, and then go revive them. It's really that easy.

You can pet the dog

You can pet the dog

The next trophy is called You Can Pet the Dog, and you can earn this trophy by petting a hellhound in MWZ. As you're killing zombies, they will occasionally drop pieces of raw flesh. You can take the raw flesh to the Dog House in order to befriend a dog. Once you're in a safe place, you can walk over to the dog and interact with it to get the trophy.

Hired gun

You can earn the Hired Gun trophy by completing 20 contracts in MWZ; that's pretty straightforward. You can do any 20 of these; you don't have to do them inside of one deployment or anything like that. And while you're going through and playing the story missions, you'll probably just earn this one naturally.

Seeing red

Next, we have to see red. You can earn the seeing red trophy by completing five contracts in the high-threat zone in a single deployment. There are a couple different methods I would recommend for doing this. The first is to go into the Red Zone with a full squad immediately and just grind out contracts.

If there are three of you and you start with pack-a-punched weapons from Acquisitions, this should be pretty easy. Second, if you're doing this solo, I would recommend doing the cargo delivery contract because it's the easiest contract to do in the Red Zone. There are lots of YouTube articles out there showing how to do this, and really all you need to do is make your way to the cargo delivery contract.

Pull out your fists and run to get the truck, and then take the path shown in the article in the background to deliver the cargo safely. If the cargo delivery contract is not spawning in the game, there is an escort contract nearby. What you need to do is pick up that escort contract and keep canceling it immediately by using your tactic.



You can earn the slaughterhouse trophy by killing 50, 000 total enemies in MWZ. This one's pretty self-explanatory.


Next, we have the Conqueror Trophy, which you can earn by defeating a warlord in MWZ.

When MWZ first launched, there was only one warlord named Legacy, who was part of one of the missions to kill Legacy. You needed to obtain a stronghold key card, clear the stronghold, and then grab Legacy's key card from the stronghold safe. This gives you access to Legacy's Fortress, where you can kill the warlord.

As the seasons progress, they will be adding more and more warlords, and you should be able to kill any of them in order to earn this trophy.

One against all

Next, we have a trophy called One Against All, and you can earn this trophy by killing Orcus while in a six-person squad in MWZO. rcus is the name of the boss at the end of Act 3, and you'll need to gather six players and kill him together in order to earn this trophy.

In order to get six players together for this, you can either try your luck randomly inviting strangers into your games or you can join an MWZ. Discord is like the one in the description of this article; however you do it, it doesn't really matter as long as there are six players in your squad.

The end?

The end?

When you kill the final boss, the last trophy is called the end, and you can earn this trophy by completing Act 3 in MWZ.

This MWZ zombies trophy guide shows you how to get all MWIII zombies trophies.
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