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I'm back with another spawn tutorial for Modern Warfare 3. This time we're finally going to be checking out the underpass, and I know this is a long overdue article. This is probably one of the first articles I should have made, but we're here now, and this is a very easy map.

Defending spot 1

Defending spot 1

I'm going to start things off on the defending side just because this is the much easier side to tube on, and I'm only going to be showing you two spots just because these are the only two spots that you really need to get your easy kills in the beginning. When you're on this side, we'll start off by showing you how to tube towards the left side as the enemies are running toward it.

A spot's really simple: you're just going to lean up against this tree to your left, and then you're going to line up your crosshairs just above the corner of this building in front of you, like so, and start.

Defending spot 2

Shooting Now, I'm going to be showing you how to deal with the enemies that run out of their spawn on the left side, heading towards the middle of the map.

For this spot, you're going to run forward, and I personally like to slide next to this pillar, and you're going to want to have this little box right here on the bridge lined up in between the middle crosshairs and your bottom crosshairs, so you want this line up perfectly in between the two and start.

Attacking spot 1

Attacking spot 1

Now is switching over to the attacking side. I'm going to have three spots to show you; these will cover the right, middle, and left sides of the map. I'm going to start off by showing you how to hit both the middle pillars and the right side of the map with a combo spot. There are a few ways to actually hit both of these spots individually, but just to make it simple for you guys, I'm going to show you how to hit both of them at the same time with a combo spot.

What you're going to do is run forward and lean up against this power box to the right in front of this door. You're going to look up towards the three lines right here on the bridge. You're going to look at the middle one, aim right at that, and start shooting your first three.

Attacking spot 2

Tubes, and now I'm going to be showing you how to shoot the enemies that wrap around their spawn building, heading to the bomb.

So from the same spot, after you're done shooting your first three tubes down the middle, you're going to look towards this roof all the way in the back. You want to lean to the left until you can see the right corner of it like so, and then you're just going to aim right in between the power line and the roof, aim right in between the two, and shoot your last three tubes.

Attacking spot 3

Attacking spot 3

And finally. I'm going to be showing you how to tube. The Defenders that are running over to the left side by. B, for this spot what you're going to do is you're going to run forward and lean up against this barrel, right here, and then you want to look at the left part of the bridge of these beams right here, and then line yourself up with the power line, and then you want to aim just to the left, a little bit so that you're just to the left of the beam at the top right there, so your one should look basically like this in order to actually clear the roof but also land low enough to hit any of the Defenders running to.


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