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M4 is one of the fan favorites for Warzone. We're starting out with the Harbinger D20 for sound suppression, bullet velocity damage range, and recall smoothness at the cost of aim-down sight speed, aiming stability, and aim-walking speed, but in the tuning, we set the bullet velocity at 0.29 inches, and the recoil smoothness I actually didn't change at all.

You can change it, but it's not really optimal. Ounces 17.5 tundra pro barrel for damage range hipfire accuracy and bullet velocity at the cost of amount size speed and hip recoil control which will not matter for the tuning set the damage range of 0.14 inches because beyond that it does not help along with the recoil stay in this point 15 pounds beyond that it's just detrimental I put on the f-tac Ripper 56 for aiming out of stability hip, fire accuracy and recoil stabilization at the cost of walking speed and aim down sight speed the tuning I set the aiming out stability at 0.22 inches and the recoil stabilization of 0.23 ounces 60 round mag because I mean 40 is enough but 60 is just to definitely get the job done you definitely get a squad wipe TV Cardinal stock for aim walking speed and Sprint speed at the cost of aiming stability and I increase the aim walking speed by negative 1.16.

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Inches, and outside speed by negative 1.16 ounces. This is the end product. Right here is a super easy-to-control, very easy weapon to use. It's just one of my personal favorites using Warzone even to this day, and if you want to throw an optic on there, just take off the Cardinal style. I feel like everyone's forgotten about the Cronin Squall, but it's absolutely insane.

Still, on the second tread 40 for vertical and horizontal recoil control at the cost of aim down size speed and aiming stability for the tuning, set the recoil control to 0.28 inches and the recoil stabilization at 0.59 ounces HR. 6.8 barrel for damage range, bullet velocity, recoil control, and hip fire accuracy at the cost of aim down side speed, hip control, and movement speed for the tuning.

You can basically max out the damage range at 0.37 inches, and the recoil setting is set to 39 pounds. I put on 6.8 High Velocity; I mean, you can change it to hollow point. I actually don't know what compositive is. I've never used this, so I recommend not using it unless you're absolutely certain you want to use it.

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I would stick with the hollow point or the high velocity, or just stick with another attachment if you don't want the ammunition. All you have to do is throw on the lock grip or the VX pineapple 50 round drum because it's just the obvious choice, a mod V4, because that's my personal preference. I max out the far range, and this thing is so easy to control and super easy to use to this day.

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Guy, so we're going to start out with this beautiful polar. Fire s or the zlr our Talon 5 whichever one is comfortable for you whichever one you want to pick I like the polar fire s this is for sound suppression bullet velocity damage range and recoil smoothness tuning, we're going to increase the bullet velocity we don't want the accuracy to actually get hurt that bad so we can keep it around 30 if you keep increasing it you see it's not going to have much of a benefit so keep it to around 30 so it doesn't have much of a negative and I can't tune it back anymore so we're just going to keep it around there but you do want to increase the recoil control so we're gonna have it around 0.92 Next, for the barrel, we're going to put on the Broom Bridle, heavy for recoil control, damage range, bullet velocity, and hip fire accuracy at the cost of aim down sight speed, movement speed, and hip recoil.

You can control the tuning so you can max out the damage range. Just be aware that the handling is going to go down, but increase the recoil. Stating this around it looks like point 21, region, is pretty good or less; if you go further, it's going to help more, so it's completely your choice. I try not to max out my tunings; it usually hurts a gun more than it helps a 45-round mag because the guy's single tap is not it and you don't want to start out with the base amount of bullets, so 45 is perfect, but the optic I like using the aim op V4 is just my preference for the tuning.


I just maxed out the far distance; it gives it less recoil and less visual recoil effect, and since this is the classic app I used in this gameplay, we're going to throw on high velocity, so I increased the bullet velocity and just maxed it out, and I also maxed out the damage range just because you want to have as much benefit as possible.

I can actually keep it at around 0.35. Now, if you want no recoil at all, throw on the VX pineapple for hip fire accuracy, hip reco control, recoil steadiness, and aim walking steadiness; this is literally the best of recoil control under Barrel you could possibly put on instead of polar fires. You can actually throw on the eight-point flash hider, or if you want absolutely no recoil, the second tread 40 increases the recoil stabilization, but don't mess with the recoil control just because it actually hurts the accuracy a whole lot.


This is your solution, ISO. I have two setups for you guys, actually, so we're starting out with the x10 rr40. For sound suppression bullet velocity damage range and recoil smoothness at the cost aim down side speed aiming stability don't, worry that's going to be fixed later on in this class setup so for the tuning we're actually going to increase bullet, velocity we can put it to around 60 or whatever makes you feel comfortable you don't have to change the recoil smoothness if you don't want to in fact I would actually suggest you increase the aim down sight speed a little bit more but it's whatever you want to do honestly for the barrel I put on the 9-inch PTX trainer for damage range hip fire accuracy movement speed and bullet velocity at the cost of aim downside speed hip recoil control and recoil control now.

The good thing about this is that it has basically no recoil, and this build in general is going to feel like a laser, so don't worry about all the cons of aim down side speed, and recoil will be taken care of by the tuning. I will increase the damage range, and you can actually max it out if you want to.

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The recoil steadiness I've just fixed up a little bit. Let's put a laser on the VLK laser. 7 MW for aim down side speed means stability, and sprint to fire speed downsize. The laser is visible in ads, so be prepared for that and basically increase the aim-down size speed to around negative 29.58.

TOP 10 META Loadouts in Warzone Season 6! Warzone 2 Best Loadouts - MW2.
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