News - This Sakin Mg38 Class Setup Is The Best Lmg Warzone 2. Best Sakin Mg38 Build & Tunings

best mw2 sakin mg38 class

The second Mg38 is tied for second-best damage and second-best range in the LMG category in Modern Warfare 2. The second runs into the same issue every other LMG runs into: it has good damage and has good recoil controls, so the best Saken mg38 class setup is going to rely heavily on just speeding up the gun with aimed on sight speed attachments and sprinting the fire attachments.

We will talk about the attachments and tunings as always, but before we do that. Starting with our secondary weapon, my personal favorite pistol, in the game, we have the 50 GS, the FJX diet, and the 70 laser. The SA long-shot 50-barrel Sea Hair trigger action with the 13-round mag and the GS50 wood grain rear grip pack is a stun-lethal combination of Syntax Perk Package 1.

Double Time Battle Art, and Fast Hands. Quick Fix Pro and field upgrades are dead, Munitions Box-like. I said in the intro that all of the LMGs hit hard and don't have a lot of recoils, so all you have to do if you want to be mobile with them is just speed them up. The best way to speed them up to start off is just with a laser sight, the FSS, old V laser.

best sakin mg38 class

This is the aimed-on-sight speed, the sprint to fire speed, and you get a little bit of aiming stability along with it. We always start with this attachment because there is no tuning on it, and then we go all the way back to the rear grip and have the Bruin Q900 Grip Wrap. This is sprint to fire speed and aim down sight speed.

Once again, we lose a little bit of recoil control, but like I said, these guns are really good with recoil control, so there's not a lot to lose there, and then as always, this is the best option for this particular attachment slot because this is a recoil control grip; we don't need it; this is the Flinch resistance grip that's nice, but it's not necessary at all really; this is much more beneficial; and then coming into the rear grip tuning, we have it for aiming down sight speed and Sprint to fire speed.

For the sight speed, it's negative 0.35 inches, and then for the sight speed, it's negative 0.39 ounces, which might be 0.4. I don't know why these numbers are always so weird when I come back to record these articles; I think they don't save the right way. I think that is supposed to just be negative 0.4, because I don't think I'm actually crazy enough to save it as just not a round number, or maybe I am, and the number is negative 0.39.

best sakin mg38 class mw2

Who knows maybe I am actually just that insane. With that said, I am willing to bet it is supposed to be negative 0.4, and the game just doesn't save it the right way. I think it's just funny how the game just makes me look insane because the number doesn't stay the same. Working our way up to the barrel, we have the 355-millimeter HGS 55.

The barrel is aimed on sight speed and hip recoil control, but we're losing damage, rain, fire accuracy, and bullet velocity. The damage range isn't really going to be that much of a factor; the gun is still going to be a three- to four-shot kill at pretty much any distance you'd realistically be taking gunfights at; it's shitframe walking speed and aimed on site speed.

best sakin mg38 class setup mw2

This is supposed to be negative 0.30, and this is supposed to be negative 20. And for the fifth and final attachment, we have the Polar Fire Suppressor, which is plus sound suppression, bullet velocity damage range, and recoil smoothness with a little bit of hit to aim down sight speed and aiming stability suppressors.

I would come into the under barrel and maybe use the sake and side grip or the Commando 4 grip or the sabre. Boys and girls, pizza I mean, if you're not going to push, I'll push you, and I'll win the gunplate. It's straight weenie mode, like Hebrew National, where there's one there to your right and two there to your left.

Give me the quad feet and make me go get the flash gold. What am I doing? I beat the game. I'm like, "What did he just do?" "What did he just do?" "I'm still going now." "I have to reload." They're going to keep peeking at me, though I know I can see if I have an advanced UAV. What a great spawn, my MW2, you almost got me killed.

They're in the middle, nope. They just keep peaking at me. They think they're going to kill me. They think they're going to kill me, God. They're going to kill me because they spotted me from behind. I mean, ggs, they finally got me.

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