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Sakin mg38 class setup

Sakin mg38 class setup

We're going to be starting over here with a stock where the sake and rip top are going to give you aiming stability, honestly. This is the best stock that I could really find for this weapon, with this particular build. The other ones look like The recoil you can see here is higher than the accuracy, and if we're going for aim walking and sprint speed, we're sacrificing even more aiming stability, which in my opinion really is what's going to knock the accuracy overall of the weapon.

That's what makes it a little more difficult to use that side-to-side bounce, so aiming for stability seems to be the best choice. You're going to tune this one here to negative 1.94, towards your aim down sight speed, and then negative 1.78, towards the aim walking speed for an optic. Here I have the SC SR07.

best mw2 sakin mg38 class

It's basically the same thing as running, a reflex sight, or that Blue Dot site; it just has that Precision Site picture, so I kind of preferred that a little bit because it's not zooming in, and we're going to be tuning that one here to negative three towards Em. Down sight speed and then the eye position you're going to want set too far now that we have a laser sight, the FSSO LED laser, it's going to do inbound side speed, aiming stability, and sprint to fire speed now.

I actually got a question about this: why do I always go with a laser sight? The simple answer is that the only sacrifices are that the laser is visible in ABS; there's no sacrifice to movement; and there's no sacrifice to damage range. anything like that where most attachments do have some sort of sacrifice for the muzzle, here we're going to have the SA leveler 55 for horizontal and vertical recoil control that's going to be tuned to negative 0.31 towards your aim downside speed and negative plus 0.35 towards your gun, and finishing us off with the tiger grip, which is going to give you recoil stabilization for accuracy and aiming idle stability where you're going to want that to be negative 0.21 towards your aim down sight speed and negative 0.21 towards the game walking speed, so we' The recoil on this weapon is extremely low because we're not running a barrel, and though the damage range does fall off just a little bit, it still hits like a truck.

Sakin mg38 gameplay

Sakin mg38 gameplay

All right, we are on some Greenberg Hotel, which is not a map I upload too much of because I'm just not a massive fan of it. I think the spawns are a bit too funky for my liking. I can never really predict them. But we have a problem. I'm working on my weapon mastery challenges, and I have a pretty dang good class for it.

Mind it's an lmg that's got to play slower than maybe you want to; he's right here on my right. They're going to keep spawning over there; I know that for a fact, but they have spawns for this hill as well. All right, we're spawning here, so if we play this properly, we should be able to pick up some kills on the hill here.

I might throw this down to get a grenade in my

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